Madagascar: Tropical Cyclone Fanele - Jan 2009

Disaster description

Fanele was a type 4 cyclone, descending on the south-east of Madagascar at 4 am on 21 Jan 2009. Moving through the district of Morondava, the system brought in winds travelling at 150 km/h, reaching in gusts the speed of 210 km/h. The arrival of the cyclone was preceded by heavy rainfall threatening the inhabitants of the town of Morondava and the district of Miandrivazo with the prospect of flooding. A number of public buildings in the town of Morondava suffered varying degrees of damage, including the municipal water system which was reported down. (OCHA, 22 Jan 2009)

Assessments by the Government of Madagascar showed that the storms (Eric and Fanele) caused 9 deaths, 33 injuries, over 54,802 people affected, and 4,102 people without shelter across three regions of Menabe, Sofia and Analanjirofo. (IFRC, 30 Oct 2009)

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