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05 Oct 2012 description
report Inter Press Service

HAVANA, Oct 5 2012 (IPS) - The main challenge that climate change poses for architecture in Cuba is that local residents themselves should be able to adapt and prepare their homes for the difficulties faced in this hurricane-prone island nation, said Dania González, a professor of architecture.

Cuba has a serious housing shortage, aggravated by the impact of hurricanes like Ike, Gustav and Paloma, which damaged over 647,000 homes in 2008, including nearly 85,000 that totally collapsed, as part of an estimated 10 billion dollars in economic losses.

25 May 2012 description
report Inter Press Service

HAVANA, May 24, 2012 (IPS) - In Los Palacios, a farming community in the western Cuban province of Pinar del Río, local residents are still working hard to rebuild after the damage caused by two of the three hurricanes that hit this country in 2008. "It was just horrible," people here say when asked about what happened.

27 Aug 2010 description

By Chris Herlinger/CWS

Petite Riviere de l'Artibonite, Haiti-It was nearing the end of another hot, sunny day near Petite Riviere in the northern department, or province, of Artibonite, and Arnold Alcimé stood on his two-acre plot of land and shook his head in frustration.

Life as a farmer has never been more difficult than it is now, said the octogenarian, recalling earlier times when credit and new equipment were easier to get and when the land itself seemed to suffer less.

05 Aug 2010 description

Bruxelles, le 5/08/2010

C(2010) 5286 final


vu le traité sur le fonctionnement de l'Union européenne,

vu l'accord de partenariat ACP-CE signé à Cotonou le 23 juin 20001, tel que révisé par l'accord signé à Luxembourg le 25 juin 20052, et en particulier l'article 34 de l'annexe IV, vu le règlement (CE) n=B0 617/2007 du Conseil du 14 mai 2007 relatif à la mise en oeuvre du 10e Fonds européen de développement dans le cadre de l'accord de partenariat ACP-CE3, et notamment son article 7,

vu la Convention de Financement …

04 Jun 2010 description

More than 130 volunteers responded to the civic call of duty, and participated in two nights of intense training in their bids to work in the hurricane shelters in a voluntary capacity.

The annual pre-hurricane season training prepares volunteers to qualify as shelter-management team members - and, if enlisted, they will work alongside designated officials in their respective districts in Grand Cayman.

Early in the training session, Shelter Operations Subcommittee Chairperson Deanna Look Loy made clear the purpose of providing shelter during a disaster.

"It's not about …

10 Mar 2010 description


Le 12 janvier 2010, Haïti, encore convalescente, a été secouée violemment. Le séisme a dévasté un pays qui se remettait encore des ravages des cyclones de 2008 et sa force tectonique immense n'est rien face à l'ampleur des souffrances physiques et émotionnelles du peuple haïtien.

Les chiffres sont accablants.

02 Mar 2010 description

To save lives during emergencies, time is of essence. Air transport is the fastest way to get aid workers, food and non-food relief materials, medicines and medical equipments to an emergency hot spot where lives and livelihoods have been compromised. The challenge is even more when such emergencies run into years of humanitarian intervention as experiences have shown from Sudan to Afghanistan and from Somalia to Democratic Republic of Congo.

09 Feb 2010 description

Communiqué de presse N°874

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09 Feb 2010 description

Press Release No. 874

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Geneva, 9 February 2010 (WMO) - The World Meteorological Organization stresses the pressing need for operational meteorological services in Haiti to prevent further disasters. The rainy season with flood risk is due early April and the hurricane season begins early June. In order to prevent potential disasters related to the natural hazards, which the country is prone to the capacity of Haiti to produce and disseminate weather information and warnings needs to be developed without delay.

16 Dec 2009 description

This report covers the period 01/January/2009 to 30/June/2009

Programme purpose: The Latin Caribbean Regional Representation reflects the strategy outlined in the Federation of the Future and supports the three National Societies of Cuba, Haiti and the Dominican Republic in the region to work towards the goals of the Federation's Global Agenda through scaling-up programmes, increasing Red Cross capacity and strengthening its role in civil society.

Programme(s) summary: During the first six months of 2009, the Latin Caribbean Regional Representation has continuously focused on the …

09 Dec 2009 description
report The Irrawaddy

By Wai Moe

Burma is one of the countries worst affected by extreme weather resulting from climate change, according to a new report that assesses the impact of global warming over a period of nearly two decades.

Published by the Berlin-based climate watchdog Germanwatch on Tuesday, the report, the Global Climate Risk Index, says that Bangladesh, Burma and Honduras were the countries most affected by extreme weather events from 1990 to 2008.

The report was launched in the Danish capital of Copenhagen, where the United Nations Climate Change Conference is underway.

In addition to …

04 Dec 2009 description

WFP Haiti, in conjunction with the Logistics Cluster, has initiated barge operations from the Haitian city of Port-au-Prince in support of emergency preparedness for the hurricane season.

03 Dec 2009 description

Le projet de « vivres contre travail » minimise l'impact des catastrophes naturelles et constitue également une activité génératrice de revenus pour ses participants. Les travailleurs reçoivent aussi des rations alimentaires du PAM.

Joseph Perniant participe à un projet conjoint mis en place par le Bureau International du Travail (BIT), le Programme des Nations Unies pour le Développement (PNUD) et le Programme Alimentaire Mondial des Nations Unies (PAM).

20 Nov 2009 description
report Médecins du Monde

Haiti on the ground

What the world saw as a unique catastrophe in New Orleans in 2005 happened no less than 3 times in Haiti in 2008 when a devastating hurricane hit the Caribbeans. And the worst is, it will happen again.

Haiti is known for its vulnerability to natural hazards, regularly affected by landslides, flooding, tropical storms, earthquakes and tsunamis.

16 Nov 2009 description

The Canada Caribbean Disaster Risk Management (CCDRM) Fund announces the third call for project proposals. Grants will be made on a competitive basis to support small-scale projects at the community level that deliver measurable results in natural disaster risk reduction and/or in the reduction of the negative impacts of climate change. Projects may range in duration from a few months to two years in maximum duration.

Priority will be given to projects in the $25,000 to $75,000 CDN range.

04 Nov 2009 description

When bad weather comes to Mocho, one of the poorest areas of Jamaica, it brings chaos that can last for years.

15 Oct 2009 description
report ACTED

La pêche artisanale est un secteur d'activité essentiel dans les zones côtières d'Haïti et emploie près de 50 000 personnes. La filière pêche a cependant été très touchée par les cyclones et les tempêtes tropicales de 2008 avec 60 000 nasses en bambous détruites, un millier de filets endommagés et 200 embarcations endommagées ou détruites.

09 Oct 2009 description

Faits Majeurs

- Construction de 400 abris pour les familles vulnérables aux Gonaïves (Artibonite)
- Informer pour Prévenir : Stratégie de réduction des Risques et Désastres
- Le Projet d'assainissement aux Cayes (Sud)
- Sécheresse à Bombardopolis (Nord-Ouest)

30 Sep 2009 description