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31 Mar 2017 description

According to the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration 3 Nock-Ten (Nina) (PAGASA), the Philippines is prone to tropical cyclones due to its geographical location which generally produce heavy rains, flooding of large areas and also strong winds which result in heavy casualties to human life and destruction to crops and properties. On average, the country is frequented by 20 tropical cyclones annually, almost half of which made landfall.

23 Sep 2009 description
report Xinhua

BEIJING, Sept. 23 (Xinhua) -- More than 88,900 people were killed or went missing in natural disasters in China in 2008, and about 470 million people were affected, according to a government report Wednesday.

More than 26.82 million people were relocated and the total direct economic loss was put at 1,175.24 billion yuan (172.16 billion U.S.

11 May 2009 description
report Xinhua

BEIJING, May 11 (Xinhua) - The Information Office of the State Council, or China's cabinet, published a white paper titled "China's Actions for Disaster Prevention and Reduction" Monday. Following is the full text:

China's Actions for Disaster Prevention and Reduction

Information Office of the State Council of the People's Republic of China



I. Natural Disasters in China

II. Strategic Goals and Tasks for Disaster Reduction

06 Apr 2009 description

This report covers the period 1 January to 31 December 2008.

In brief

Programme summary: The 2008-2009 appeal to support the Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC) focused mainly on organizational development where emphasis was placed on the continuous expansion of volunteers based throughout the country and increasing the national society's capacity in disaster management and health care.

Financial situation: While the total budget for 2008 was placed at CHF 2,158,654 (USD 1.93 million or EUR 1.31 million), there were no funding contributions made to the 2008-2009 annual …

31 Dec 2008 description

This report covers the period 1 July to 31 December 2008

In brief

Programme(s) summary: The 2008-2009 appeal to support the Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC) focuses on organizational development, with an emphasis on expanding its volunteer base throughout the country, as well as increasing its capacity in disaster management and health and care.

Financial situation: The total budget for 2008 is CHF 2,158,654 (USD 1.93 million or EUR 1.31 million). Unfortunately, there have been no contributions to this appeal to date, and therefore, no expenditure under this appeal.

19 Nov 2008 description

Executive summary

The People's Republic of China, with a population of 1.3 billion people, is by far the most populous country in the world, and has both one of the most dynamic and fastest growing economies, while at the same time very marked disparities in income distribution, health status and other vulnerability indicators. While many view China's hosting of the 2008 Olympics as a sign of its emergence onto the international scene, the people of China still continue to face many economic, environmental and health challenges that threaten their wellbeing.

19 Nov 2008 description

Executive summary

The overall purpose of this 2009-2010 Plan is to coordinate and support International Federation efforts at country and regional level to assist host national societies to scale up their work in line with the Global Agenda. The Southeast Asia regional team based in Bangkok will continue to evolve its role as a part of the new secretariat zonal structure and operating model. This model has been designed in order to create a more unified approach to Federation support to national societies across the whole of Asia Pacific.

19 Nov 2008 description

Executive summary

Disasters in the Philippines in 2006 affected 8.61 million families (approximately 10.4 per cent of the country's population) and caused the deaths of approximately 3,000 people (3.59 per 100,000 inhabitants). Poverty among 27.6 million Filipinos (more than 32 per cent of the population) increases impact of disasters. Communicable diseases such as tuberculosis, malaria, dengue, and HIV continue to pose significant challenges.

28 Sep 2008 description

DATE: 28 Sept 2008, 08:00 AM


Current Humanitarian Situation

- The national government through the NDCC Task Farce Humanitarian Assistance to Conflict-Affected Mindanao Provinces (GIMP) continue its relief efforts with partners from the INGOs, NGOs and UN System in the Philippines

- A team from Manila headed by DSWD Secretary Esperanza Cahral proceeded yesterday 27 September 2008 to Maguindanao: 1) to assess IDPs in various evacuation centers of Datu Piang, Datu Saudi Ampatuan and Cotabato City; …

24 Sep 2008 description

The number of victims and displaced are rising in several Asian nations lashed by storms, rain and flooding. In China, typhoon 'Hagupit' forced authorities in the south-eastern regions to evacuate some 100,000 people. A state of alert was declared in the regions of Guangdong, Guangxi and the island of Hainan. The typhoon already wounded 58 people, three of which critically.

17 Sep 2008 description
report Xinhua

TAIPEI, Sep 17, 2008 (Xinhua via COMTEX News Network) -- Typhoon Sinlaku, the 13th tropical storm in China this year, has left 12 dead and 10 missing in Taiwan, according to a local tally on Wednesday by a disaster prevention organization.

In total, 20 people were injured after the typhoon made landfall on the island over the weekend, it said.

The bodies of two dead men were respectively found in the Tachia River and Nantou County on Tuesday afternoon.

16 Sep 2008 description

Taipei_(dpa) _ Rescuers Tuesday pulled out the bodies of seven people who were buried by heavy masses of debris when a tunnel in central Taiwan collapsed after Typhoon Sinlaku lashed the island, killing at least 11.

"The seven showed no signs of life when they were pulled out," said a police officer by phone.

He said rescuers saved nine others from the debris and rushed them to hospitals for emergence treatment.

16 Sep 2008 description

TAIPEI, Sept 16 (Reuters) - A typhoon which brought down parts of two bridges and dumped as much as 1,400 mm (55 inches) of rain in parts of Taiwan killed at least seven people with 14 missing, rescue workers and newspapers said on Tuesday.

One person died when a car plunged into a frothing river from a two-lane segment of a collapsed bridge in Taichung county in central Taiwan, government disaster workers said.

Six people were missing in the bridge accident that has dominated TV coverage with images of sobbing relatives and simulated re-enactments of the bridge collapse.

Typhoon …

15 Sep 2008 description

Beijing_(dpa) _ Chinese authorities evacuated about 460,000 people at the country's eastern seaboard ahead of Tropical Storm Sinlaku, local media said Monday.

About 30,000 fishing vessels were recalled to their harbours in Fujian province, the state-run news agency Xinhua said.

Sinlaku, which had hit Taiwan over the weekend, weakened on its path towards the Chinese coast and brought winds of up to 126 kilometres per hour and heavy rainfalls in Fujian and the neighbouring Zhejiang province.

However, it was still hard to predict where and when the storm would make landfall in …

15 Sep 2008 description

About half a million people in east China's Zhejiang and Fujian provinces have been evacuated as tropical storm Sinlaku, which was weakened from a typhoon on Monday morning, was approaching.

The Fujian provincial headquarters for flood control said on Monday morning that close to 230,000 people had been evacuated as of 9 p.m. on Sunday and the mass evacuation was still under way.

In Zhejiang, nearly 270,000 residents have been evacuated and 30,000 fishing boats have been recalled to harbor.

Typhoon Sinlaku weakened into a tropical storm at 8 a.m. Monday.

14 Sep 2008 description
report Xinhua

FUZHOU/HANGZHOU, Sep 14, 2008 (Xinhua via COMTEX News Network) -- Fujian and Zhejiang provinces in east China evacuated about 230,000 people from low-lying coastal regions, as typhoon Sinlaku is approaching, after it pounded Taiwan early Sunday morning.

In Zhejiang alone, nearly 200,000 residents have been evacuated and 30,000 fishing boats have been recalled to harbor, according to the provincial headquarters for flood control.

The approaching of Sinlaku has led to winds of up to 126 km per hour off the coast of Zhejiang and brought about downpours in some areas.

"We must do …

14 Sep 2008 description
report Xinhua

TAIPEI, Sep 14, 2008 (Xinhua via COMTEX News Network) -- Typhoon Sinlaku, the 13th tropical storm so far this year in China, injured 13 people when it hit northeastern Taiwan at 1:50 a.m. on Sunday.

The typhoon landed in Yilan County, Taiwan, with winds up to 45 meters per second, monitored by the Fujian provincial meteorological observatory at 5:00 a.m..

More than 130,000 households suffered a power blackout, and 800 lost their water supply, which has yet to be reconnected.