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04 Nov 2005 description

The Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA), in its latest report, has said that the agricultural sector suffered more than $187 million in damage as a result of the heavy rains associated with Hurricane Wilma.

Farmers in 11 parishes suffered losses due to the flood rains associated with the system. The parishes are: St. Catherine, St. Andrew, Portland, St. Ann,

St. Mary, St.

03 Nov 2005 description

Gift to Provide Services to Victims, Rebuild Social Service Network and Encourage Support for Long-Term Recovery

Alexandria, VA (November 3, 2005) -- United Way of America (UWA) today announced its UNITED WAY HURRICANE RESPONSE AND RECOVERY FUND has received a gift of $10 million from Lilly Endowment Inc.

03 Nov 2005 description

Transport and Works Minister, Robert Pickersgill has said that the cost to repair damage to the island's road network as a result of the passage of Hurricane Wilma, would likely exceed the billion-dollar mark.

03 Nov 2005 description

The Moy Hall Coffee Factory in Cedar Valley, St. Thomas has started distributing fertilizer to coffee farmers whose crops were damaged and who lost land due to land slippages caused by heavy rains associated with Hurricane Wilma.

03 Nov 2005 description

TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras, Nov 3 (Reuters) - Emergency workers were evacuating 12,000 people from Honduras' low-lying Caribbean coastal villages on Thursday, after heavy rains caused flooding in the region, the government said.

02 Nov 2005 description


Hurricane Quick Facts

- Donald Powell, chairman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, will replace Vice Admiral Thad Allen as overseer of the Federal government's disaster recovery efforts in the Gulf Coast.

02 Nov 2005 description

WASHINGTON, DC - Due to the damage caused by Hurricane Wilma in Mexico, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) is providing an additional $300,000 to the Mexican Red Cross and other implementing partners for the local purchase and distribution of emergency relief supplies. To date, USAID has provided a total of $600,000 for hurricane relief efforts in Mexico.

02 Nov 2005 description
report Food for the Poor

Food For The Poor, the largest relief organization normally operating in the Caribbean and Central America, is providing assistance to the victims of Hurricanes Wilma, Alpha and Beta. Wind damage and flooding from these hurricanes have left multitudes of poor homeless and hungry in Florida, Haiti, Jamaica, Nicaragua and Honduras.

02 Nov 2005 description

TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras, Nov 2 (Reuters) - Still reeling from hurricanes Stan, Wilma and Beta last month, Honduras evacuated hundreds of people from its Atlantic coast on Wednesday as intense rains caused more flooding in the area.

02 Nov 2005 description

Sean McCormack, Spokesman

Washington, DC, November 2, 2005 - In the wake of Hurricane Wilma, the United States is providing $100,000 to independent, non-governmental organizations in Cuba. In addition to this initial and immediate assistance to the Cuban people, the U.S. has offered to deploy a three-person technical assessment team to evaluate and recommend possible further help to those affected by the hurricane.

On October 26, the Cuban government informed us that it was prepared to accept the U.S. technical assessment team.

01 Nov 2005 description
report American Red Cross

Written by Kevin Titus , Special to Redcross.org

Tuesday, November 01, 2005 - While virtually all the tourists followed the mandatory evacuation order to leave the Florida Keys when Hurricane Wilma threatened the islands, most residents remained behind to weather the storm and its powerful surge.

The American Red Cross set up shelters in the Keys, a chain of islands 106 miles long off the tip of Florida with a population of nearly 81,000 residents, for those whose homes had been made unlivable by Wilma.

01 Nov 2005 description


Acayucan, Veracruz - Palabras del Presidente Vicente Fox Quesada durante el Recorrido de Supervisión del Puente Michapan, en esta entidad.

Venimos con todo gusto a saludarlos, les agradezco mucho aquí su presencia, sé que vienen de varias comunidades, de varios municipios, tanto más valor que se hayan acercado en este momento.

Estamos, efectivamente, de una gira de trabajo breve, porque estoy recorriendo lo más posible las zonas afectadas pero, sobre todo, donde ya estamos en reconstrucción, como es el caso de este puente, aquí en este lugar.

Vengo en la mañana de …

01 Nov 2005 description

Episcopal Relief and Development is providing emergency assistance to communities on Mexico's Caribbean coast affected by Hurricane Wilma. The Category 4 hurricane struck Mexico on October 21, destroying homes and causing millions of dollars in damage to cities including the towns of Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Cozumel. The storm stalled over the peninsula, pounding the region with heavy rains and winds of 115 mph which knocked out power in many communities.

01 Nov 2005 description
report Salvation Army

The Salvation Army has been working flat out in the tourist resort of Cancun, Mexico, which was hit with the full force of Hurricane Wilma. Sustained winds exceeded 110 miles per hour, with gusts reaching even higher speeds. Tidal surges hit luxury resorts that line a strand of beach between the Caribbean Sea and an alligator-filled lagoon, causing extreme damage. Windows were blown out, walls collapsed and in some cases the sea swelled high enough to reach the third floor.

01 Nov 2005 description

Conferencia de Prensa | Los Pinos.

Conferencia de prensa que ofreció esta mañana Rubén Aguilar Valenzuela, vocero de la Presidencia de la República, en el salón Venustiano Carranza de la residencia oficial de Los Pinos.

-Vocero, Rubén Aguilar: Bueno, buen día.

Hoy a las 09:25 de la mañana, el señor Presidente de la República sale hacia el estado de Chiapas, ahí tendrá una reunión en el Centro de Convenciones de Tapachula en la que participan 500 personas, entre las que se encuentran líderes de organizaciones de productores, líderes sindicales, legisladores, representantes de la …

01 Nov 2005 description

Hurricane Wilma, the 12th hurricane and 21st named storm of the Atlantic hurricane season, battered Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, Cuba, the state of Florida in the United States, and the Bahamas between 20 and 24 October, causing widespread destruction.

By the afternoon of Monday 24th, the hurricane had moved out into the Atlantic Ocean, causing heavy rains and flooding in the northern islands of the Bahamas.

In total, at least 24 people were killed during Wilma's march across the Caribbean: 11 in Haiti, 1 in Jamaica, 6 in Mexico, 6 in Florida and 1 in the Bahamas.

Although, …

31 Oct 2005 description

Comunicado | Los Pinos.

Como parte de las medidas para proteger la salud de los mexicanos, ante la aparición de la gripe aviar en otros países, el Presidente de la Rep=FAblica, Vicente Fox Quesada, anunció la autorización de 600 millones de pesos, dentro del Presupuesto de Egresos de 2005, para el eventual desarrollo de alguna vacuna contra ese mal, que permita a México ser una de las primeras naciones en contar con una reserva de antivirales.

Ante esta amenaza, enfatizó, "no caeremos en confianzas infundadas y mucho menos en simulaciones, mantendremos la guardia en alto para …