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21 Apr 2003 description
report JoongAng Daily

Seven families are still living in container houses in the small village of Hawolcheon-ri in Gangwon province, originally home to 20 households. Now there are only 10 families there, and only three live in permanent dwellings. The village was devastated by Typhoon Rusa nine months ago. Roads into the village were washed out, fields and orchards were lost and all the crops destroyed. A bridge over a stream in the village was also washed out and has still not been rebuilt, although a few bulldozers occasionally push dirt around the abutments.

15 Oct 2002 description
report Xinhua

SEOUL, Oct 15, 2002 (Xinhua via COMTEX) -- South Korea will soon offer at most 20 million won (15,560 US dollars) loans to each of households who suffered from typhoon Rusa and ensuing floods, the Ministry of Finance and Economy Tuesday was quoted by national news agency Yonhap News.

Victims are to repay the loans carrying an annual three percent interest rate over 15 years with a five-year grace period, reported Yonhap.

The ministry will offer 120 billion won (100 million dollars) in loans to about 8,714 victims.

09 Oct 2002 description
report JoongAng Daily

by Hong Chang-eop, Hong Gweon-sam

Kim Tae-soon's eyes filled with tears Monday as she said, "I might be able to stand my six family members sleeping together in a shipping container. But I don't think we can take the cold winter without hot water."

Many victims of the August floods, like the 73-year-old Ms. Kim, who lives in Gangneung, Gangwon province, will have to spend the winter in temporary container shelters because of delays in rebuilding or repairing their homes.

08 Oct 2002 description
report JoongAng Daily

This year's rice yield will be the poorest in seven years, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry said Monday.

The ministry studied about 4,700 sample rice fields nationwide, and said that as of Sept. 15, the total estimated crop would be around 34 million to 35 million sacks.

The figure is about 9 percent lower than last year's 38 million sacks.

19 Sep 2002 description

This Information Bulletin is for information only. The Federation is not seeking any funding or other assistance from donors for this operation at this time but is seeking replenishment of its DREF from partners.

18 Sep 2002 description

SEOUL, Sept 18 (Reuters) - South Korea will spend a total of 7.2 trillion won, or close to $6 billion, to repair damages caused by the powerful typhoon Rusa which struck late in August, the home affairs ministry said on Wednesday.

The money will be funded from an extra budget of the government, using some taxes and donations, it said.

The Budget Ministry last week drafted plans for extra spending of 4.1 trillion won to fund relief efforts and fix damage.

Typhoon Rusa, the worst in four decades, sheared South Korea's eastern and southern coasts, killing at least …

11 Sep 2002 description

Cheong Wa Dae

President Kim Dae-jung said Tuesday (Sept. 10) that the entire nation should actively band together to repair the damage and overcome losses caused by the recent typhoon. He recalled the grass-roots campaign to collect gold to save the country from economic collapse five years ago, and said such a mindset is needed once again.

"We have successfully hosted the FIFA World Cup with the active participation of our citizens.

11 Sep 2002 description

A total 72.1 billion won (about $60 million) has been raised for flood victims, the largest amount ever for flood relief contribution in Korea, the Ministry of Health and Welfare said on Wednesday.

The funds, which have been collected since Aug. 12, are more than 68.3 billion won raised in 1998, when torrential rains battered the nation.

More than 5 million people are estimated to have contributed.

10 Sep 2002 description
report World Vision

More than 550 WV Korea staff members and volunteers have busy packing 6,000 relief kits for the victims of Typhoon Rusa in the gymnasium of an elementary school in Seoul. This relief operation was conducted in coalition with a Christian business corporation and the Christian Ethical Movement Korea (CEMK). The corporation, called E-Land, donated 75,000 pieces of new clothes and US$83,000 in cash. CEMK mobilised volunteers, while WV Korea coordinated relief efforts from organising the network to identifying the recipients and delivering the relief aid.

10 Sep 2002 description
report JoongAng Daily

by Lee Soo-ho

The government announced Monday a 4.1 trillion won ($3.43 billion) supplementary budget for disaster relief for the victims of Typhoon Rusa.

06 Sep 2002 description

The most destructive storm in 40 years struck the South Korean peninsula over Labor Day weekend, killing 119 people and causing more than US$2.59 billion in property damage. With 65 people still missing and Korean government officials still out assessing the destruction, those numbers are likely to rise. Even as the rain continues, thousands of soldiers and volunteers are struggling to help rescue flood victims and start the clean up process. The relief work is being hindered by lack of equipment, however, and many evacuees remain without running water, food and medicine.

05 Sep 2002 description

The government has pledged to extend across-the-board financial support to flood victims, as the economic impact continues to snowball.

Disaster officials said on Thursday (Sept. 5) that Typhoon Rusa, which lashed the nation last weekend, left a record 3.2 trillion won ($2.4 billion) in property damage, and the figure will likely climb.

A total of 119 people have been confirmed dead, while hopes are fading for over 70 others still missing.

In a hurriedly-convened cabinet meeting, officials decided to use state coffers to completely subsidize the repair work for those in …

04 Sep 2002 description

Seoul (dpa) - South Korea plans to allocate 2 trillion won (1.67 billion U.S. dollars) as a supplementary budget towards damage caused by last weekend's deadly typhoon, local media reported Wednesday.

Preliminary figures estimate costs between 1.5 trillion to 3 trillion from devastating Typhoon Rusa that left 139 people dead and 76 missing.

A massive clean-up effort has been launched after vast tracts of farmland was washed away, bridges, roads and buildings seriously damaged, while air, sea and land traffic has been paralyzed.

04 Sep 2002 description

September 4, 2002 15:1:39

In the face of the nation's biggest natural disaster in nearly half a century, South Korean people are responding with a mixture of perplexity and sense of solidarity shown during the FIFA World Cup finals.

While donations were flooding media outlets, tens of thousands of volunteers and soldiers have joined hands in helping recovery and rehabilitation work.

03 Sep 2002 description

This Bulletin is for information only. The Federation is not seeking any funding or other assistance from donors for this operation at this time.

03 Sep 2002 description

Map shows storm track crossing DPR Korea and Republic of Korea.

03 Sep 2002 description

September 3, 2002 16:23:6

More than 200 people have been reported dead or missing as a result of floods and landslides caused by Typhoon Rusa over the weekend, disaster relief officials said on Tuesday (Sept. 3). The typhoon has been the strongest in four decades.

A total of 138 people have been confirmed dead, while 77 others are unaccounted for, according to provisional tallies.

02 Sep 2002 description

Ref: OCHA/GVA - 2002/0179
OCHA Situation Report No. 1
Republic of Korea - Typhoon Rusa

02 Sep 2002 description

Pyongyang, September 2 (KCNA) -- Typhoon hard hit Kwangwon Province of Korea from August 31 to September 1. 20m/s strong wind accompanied by a torrential rain caused severe damage.

Rainfall stood at 530mm in Kosong county and 525mm in Thongchon county.

Rainfall registered more than 700 mm in some mountainous areas. Kumran-ri, Thongchon county was totally inundated.

02 Sep 2002 description

By Kim Kyung-hoon

KANGNUNG, South Korea (Reuters) - The South Korean city of Kangnung looked like a war zone on Monday with smashed houses littering streets and rescuers searching for victims of the worst typhoon in more than 40 years.

"I escaped the house with nothing," 65-year-old retiree Kwon Sa-hyun told Reuters. "Everything I own is gone.