Guinea-Bissau: Severe Local Storm - Jun 2018

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On 27 June 2018 at around 4 p.m., Guinea Bissau was hit by violent winds of 80 km to 120 km/h, (according to the National Meteorological Agency). The storm caused the destruction of hundreds of houses, social infrastructures (schools, hospitals, roads, etc.). In Bissau the capital, about 2,000 families were affected, and 420 houses were destroyed. Three (3) deaths were also reported. Approximately 800 people were displaced in other regions. The most affected areas are: Bissau, specifically, the districts of Antula, Militar, Bor, Bairro Reno, Cuntum and Praca, and the regions of Bubaque, Bolama, Biombo, Oio and Sao Domingos. (IFRC, 10 Jul 2018)

As of 23 August, the findings of the Civil Protection/Red-Cross/UN joint assessment confirm the first needs analysis of the National Society described in the DREF’s EPoA: food, support to water treatment and storage, awareness-raising to sanitation and hygiene, household items, Shelter materials... According to the assessment conducted by the RCSGB, 115 (one hundred fifteen) houses have been destroyed (are in uninhabitable state), with Antula and Djolo- GabuZinho being the most affected districts, and 221 houses have been damaged. (IFRC, 23 Aug 2018)

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