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04 Mar 2004 description

In Brief
Appeal No.: 01.18/2003 (Click here to access the 2003 Appeal)

Appeal target: CHF 806,034 (USD 552,375 or EUR 547,916)

Appeal coverage: 138.3% (Click here to access the Final Financial Report) Appeal 2004: Mozambique no. 01.15/2004 (Click here to access the 2004 Appeal)

This Annual Report reflects activities implemented over a one-year period; they form part of, and are based on, longer-term, multi-year planning.

25 Jul 2003 description
report IRIN

MBABANE, 25 July (IRIN) - The unreliability of the weather forecast is an old joke. But in Southern Africa, where cyclones and droughts have wreaked havoc, the ability of national weather services to coordinate and properly analyse data collection is deadly serious.
"Daily weather information is well disseminated in the 14 countries of the Southern African Development Community (SADC), and to a certain extent understood, but it is debatable whether [the advice] is followed," SADC consultant Sipho Dlamini told IRIN.

10 Jun 2003 description


03 Jun 2003 description

Appeal Target: CHF 3,400,000 (USD 2,446,214 or EUR 2,336,657)
Period covered: January - April, 2003

The Federation’s mission is to improve the lives of vulnerable people by mobilizing the power of humanity. It is the world’s largest humanitarian organization and its millions of volunteers are active in over 180 countries. For more information: www.ifrc.org

In Brief

Appeal coverage: 16.7%; See attached Contributions List for details.

Outstanding needs: CHF 2,832,634 (USD 2,080,524 / EUR 1,919,779)

09 May 2003 description


29 Apr 2003 description


The main 2002/03 rainy season has come to an end in most of the country. The season has been marked by erratic rains, with long dry spells and periods of intense rainfall brought by tropical storms. For the season as a whole, rainfall totals have been above normal in the north, normal to below normal in the center, and well-below normal in the south.

The Ministry of Agriculture has not yet released its preliminary harvest estimates, but yield forecasts indicate production may be above normal in north, below normal in the center and well below normal in south.

29 Apr 2003 description

Maps produced by the Office of the UN Resident Coordinator of Mozambique

17 Apr 2003 description

This report includes:
A) Middle East and Central Asia: (1) Iraq, (2) Jordan, (3) Iran, (4) Afghanistan, (5) Pakistan

B) East and Central Africa: (1) Burundi, (2) Republic of Congo, (3) DR Congo, (4) Eritrea, (5) Ethiopia, (6) Rwanda, (7) Somalia, (8) Sudan, (9) Uganda

C) West Africa: (1) Côte d'Ivoire, (2) Liberia, (3) Sierra Leone, (4) Guinea

D) Southern Africa: (1) Malawi, (2) Tanzania, (3) Madagascar, (4) Angola, (5) Mozambique, (6) Zambia, (7) Zimbabwe, (8) Swaziland, (9) Lesotho

E) Asia: (1) DPR Korea

14 Apr 2003 description

This report includes:
A) Middle East and Central Asia: (1) Iraq, (2) Jordan, (3) Syria, (4) Iran, (5) Afghanistan

B) West Africa: (1) Central African Republic

C) Southern Africa: (1) Madagascar, (2) Mozambique, (3) Zimbabwe, (4) Zambia, (5) Malawi, (6) Angola, (7) Namibia, (8) Swaziland

D) Asia: (1) DPR Korea, (2) Cambodia, (3) Indonesia

E) Latin America and the Caribbean: (1) Bolivia, (2) Colombia, (3) Ecuador, (4) Honduras, (5) Venezuela

F) Eastern Europe and the Caucasus: (1) Armenia, (2) Albania, (3) Serbia and Montenegro

04 Apr 2003 description

This report includes:
A) Middle East and Central Asia: (1) Iraq and neighbouring countries, (2) Iran, (3) Afghanistan, (4) Pakistan

B) East and Central Africa: (1) Eritrea, (2) Ethiopia, (3) Burundi, (4) DR Congo, (5) Uganda

C) West Africa: (1) Côte d'Ivoire, (2) Liberia, (3) Sierra Leone, (4) Guinea, (5) Mauritania

D) Southern Africa: (1) Madagascar, (2) Mozambique, (3) Zimbabwe, (4) Zambia, (5) Malawi, (6) Tanzania, (7) Angola, (8) Namibia, (9) Lesotho, (10) Swaziland

E) Asia: (1) DPR Korea

02 Apr 2003 description

MAPUTO (Reuters) - Mozambican government's relief agency INGC said on Wednesday it was seeking emergency aid to provide temporary shelter for 15,000 people displaced by floods in the central Sofala province last week.

The extent of the damage wrought by the flooding on Friday and Saturday, in which three people were killed, only became apparent late on Tuesday after a tour by the government's relief agency, INGC officials said.

31 Mar 2003 description


Food insecurity is increasing in Chicualacuala and other parts of Gaza, where people are surviving mainly on wild foods. The livestock ban, issued because of foot and mouth disease, is further undermining food security by reducing household income normally used to purchase food in a drought year like this one. Unmet food aid deliveries make the situation even worse in the Upper Limpopo.

In Northern Inhambane, first season production is a near total failure in all districts visited by an assessment team from CARE. The consumption of wild food is widespread in most places.

31 Mar 2003 description

Map created by FEWSNET
Displays the rainfall during the period of 1 - 10 March (mm)

28 Mar 2003 description

This report includes:

28 Mar 2003 description


24 Mar 2003 description

After drought, the deluge. Cyclone Japhet has left 50,000 people in Central Mozambique struggling to survive yet another natural disaster.

21 Mar 2003 description

This report includes:
A) West and Central Asia Region: (1) Iraq, (2) Iran, (3) Afghanistan

B) Eastern and Central Africa Region: (1) Eritrea, (2) Ethiopia, (3) Sudan, (4) Burundi, (5) Uganda

C) Southern Africa Region: (1) Mozambique, (2) Madagascar, (3) Zambia, (4) Zimbabwe, (5) Angola, (6) Namibia, (7) Malawi, (8) Swaziland, (9) Lesotho

D) West Africa Region: (1) Central African Republic, (2) Côte d'Ivoire

E) Asia Region: (1) DPR Korea

F) Latin America and Caribbean Region: (1) Ecuador, (2) Nicaragua, (3) Colombia