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09 Jun 2003 description

Baltimore, June 9, 2003 - Last year, long bouts of harsh weather at high altitudes in southern Peru and northwestern Bolivia took a heavy toll on herds and grazing areas. At mid-year there were high winds, hailstorms and unseasonable cold, plus up to three feet of snow in the highest pasturelands; late in the year came heavy rains and landslides at lower altitudes and more heavy snows and ice storms higher up. Thousands of already impoverished farm families in both countries were hit hard, so Lutheran World Relief and two local partner organizations active in the area mounted a response.

07 May 2003 description

The Federation's mission is to improve the lives of vulnerable people by mobilizing the power of humanity. It is the world's largest humanitarian organization and its millions of volunteers are active in 178 countries. For more information: www.ifrc.org
Appeal No. 01.22/2002;
Appeal target: CHF 4,619,036;

23 Dec 2002 description
report CARE

When CARE responded earlier this year to a killer cold wave that pummeled southern Peru, our response was aided by local volunteers. It was an unusual move for CARE, as we normally rely on trained experts to coordinate our response. However, the positive feedback from CARE field staff, volunteers and community members may lead the country office to consider additional volunteer opportunities.

05 Nov 2002 description

Geneva, 5 November 2002 - In July, temperatures in the southern Andean region of Peru and the southern high plains of Bolivia dropped below normal temperatures to -20 =B0C and colder. This severe weather was the result of atmospheric disturbances from the Antarctic which caused freezing temperatures followed by intense snow-, hail- and rainstorms accompanied by strong winds. The accumulation of snow reached above one meter in many areas.

13 Sep 2002 description

This report includes:
(A) Asia Region: (1) DPR Korea

(B) East and Southern Africa Region: (1) Regional overview, (2) Lesotho, (3) Malawi, (4) Mozambique, (5) Swaziland, (6) Zimbabwe, (7) Ethiopia, (8) Sudan, (9) Somalia, (10) Rwanda

(C) Central Africa Region: (1) Angola

(D) West Africa Region: (1) Sierra Leone (2) Guinea, (3) Liberia, (4) Mauritania

(E) West and Central Asia Region: (1) Afghanistan, (2) Iran

(F) Latin America and Caribbean Region: (1) Regional overview, (2) Colombia, (3) Honduras, (4) Nicaragua, (5) Peru, (6) El Salvador

31 Aug 2002 description
report Direct Relief

Recipient: Instituto Nacional de Defensa Civil (INDECI)
Shipment Date: 8/19/2002 Value: $88,107

19 Aug 2002 description

It's winter in the southern hemisphere, and parts of Peru and Bolivia are buried under as much as three feet of snow, creating an emergency to which Lutheran World Relief (LWR) is responding with its local partners.

12 Aug 2002 description

Severe winter weather with intense snowstorms, hailstorms, rainstorms, and strong winds has affected thousands of families in the southern Andean region of Peru. More than 60 people have died, crops and livestock have been lost, and houses have been damaged or destroyed. CWS partner the Center of Studies and Disaster Prevention (PREDES) is providing 961 low-income families with corn, canned fish, salt, blankets, children's clothing, and materials for reconstruction on houses and barns.

07 Aug 2002 description
report DisasterRelief

Low-income, rural populations in Peru and Bolivia are struggling to survive a cold front that has put parts of South America under a deadly freeze. With temperatures in some places plunging to a decade-long record of negative 4 degrees Fahrenheit (negative 20 degrees Celsius), frigid conditions have been blamed for 59 deaths in Peru and five in Bolivia. Hundreds of others are suffering from hypothermia, pneumonia and frostbite.

07 Aug 2002 description
report American Red Cross

Written by Stephanie Kriner, Staff Writer, RedCross.org

05 Aug 2002 description

Appeal Number: 6735
Appeal Amount: $25,000

31 Jul 2002 description
report World Vision

After experiencing little improvements in the weather conditions, the intense cold, rain, hail and snow has returned. According to the National Institute of Meteorology, the bad weather is expected to continue in the following days.

31 Jul 2002 description

Baltimore, July 31, 2002 - It's winter in the southern hemisphere, and parts of Peru and Bolivia are buried under as much as three feet of snow, creating an emergency to which Lutheran World Relief (LWR) is responding with its local partners.