Madagascar: Tropical Cyclone Kesiny - May 2002

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On 9 May 2002 at 6:00 pm (local time), tropical cyclone Kesiny landed 80km north of Vohemar, in the northern tip of Madagascar, affecting the areas situated between Diego Suarez, Vohemar and Ambilobe in the province of Antsiranana. Heavy rains with average winds of 120km/h and gusts up to 180km/h were recorded. The cyclone tracked southwestward, along the north-west coast of Madagascar and then moved towards south when dissipated. At least 20,000 persons were affected. Roads to Brickaville (on the South) were cut due to several landslides (63 landslides reported) destroying 16 bridges. (OCHA, 21 May 2002)

In the eastern province of Toamasina, thousands of hectares of farmland - mainly rice paddies - were destroyed by Cyclone Kesiny in May. Many families have now exhausted their food stocks and are increasingly dependent on food aid. (WFP, 25 Nov 2002)

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