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27 Feb 2002 description

News Release No. 017/02

MANILA, PHILIPPINES (27 February 2002) - A groundbreaking ceremony will be held tomorrow to begin the site development of Payatas Estate, Quezon City, Philippines, where a garbage landslide killed hundreds of waste pickers in 2000.

An On-site Urban Upgrading for Vulnerable Communities of Payatas Project will benefit over 500 poor families, including those directly affected by the landslide tragedy. The project is funded by a US$1 million grant from the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

06 Nov 2000 description

Typhoons at the end of October and early November, brought high winds and heavy rains which resulted in localised flooding, possibly damaging mature rice. A number of people were killed, hundreds displaced and there was also extensive property damage.

24 Oct 2000 description

period covered: 1 January - 30 June 2000
During the first half of the year, efforts were devoted to the relocation of the Regional Delegation to Bangkok which has been successfully achieved. Negotiations on a full status agreement with the Thai authorities have commenced and relations with other organisations promoted. A partnership meeting was held in May 2000 for all National Societies in the region which has resulted in fruitful exchanges of expertise and visits between Societies. There was also substantial progress in the health and capacity building programmes.

27 Jul 2000 description

Appeal Target : US$ 151,141
Geneva, 27 July, 2000

Dear Colleagues,

During the first week of July, two typhoons - Ditang (international code name Kirogi) and Edeng (international code name Kai-Tak) simultaneously hit Luzon. A few days after the twin typhoons, another one called Gloring hit Northern Luzon and part of Bicol province.

20 Jul 2000 description
report Salvation Army

Under the direction of the Divisional Commander of the Central Philippines Division, Lt.-Colonel Anita Orane, Officers and Salvationists have assisted in helping victims and family members of the Payatas landslide in Quezon City, Manila.

17 Jul 2000 description

North Korea
The Partnership With Women Task Group, part of the CWS International Justice and Human Rights Office, is sending a delegation of five North American women to North Korea on August 23 to establish direct relationships with women from the Korean Christians Federation, a CWS partner in North Korea. Together the women - including Protestant and Roman Catholic members - will discuss peace, reunification and ecumenism.

12 Jul 2000 description

In a race against time, the Philippine Red Cross stepped up its search and rescue operation in the shantytown of Payatas, just outside Manila. After days of heavy rains, hundreds of people were buried under refuse as a wall of garbage in this main dump site in Manila collapsed. At least 85 people were killed, and more than one hundred others are believed still buried under a mountain of garbage. Six Red Cross rescue teams have been working around the clock since Monday, searching for the victims.

12 Jul 2000 description

By Roli Ng

MANILA (Reuters) - Philippine rescue workers called for extra chemicals and protective gear on Wednesday to ward off disease as they plucked more corpses from the ruins of a Manila shantytown buried under tons of garbage.

Two days after the mountain of rubbish collapsed and crushed houses in a squatters colony called the Promised Land, at least 115 bodies had been recovered with about 100 other people missing and feared dead, relief agencies said.

''What we need now are body bags, gallons of Lysol, extra gloves, face masks and bags of lime,'' Lieutenant …

11 Jul 2000 description

President Joseph "Erap" Ejercito Estrada ordered housing authorities Tuesday to look after the housing needs of residents rendered homeless by the collapse of the Payatas dumpsite in Quezon City.

11 Jul 2000 description

Ref: OCHA/GVA - 2000/0129
OCHA Situation Report No. 2
Philippines - Tropical Depressions, Typhoons, Floods and Landslides

11 Jul 2000 description

By Roli Ng

MANILA (Reuters) - Philippine officials said on Tuesday more than 100 bodies had been recovered and another 100 people were missing and feared dead after a mountain of garbage crashed down on Manila's Promised Land shantytown.

''It's a recovery operation, not a search and rescue operation,'' Defense Secretary Orlando Mercado told Reuters nearly 40 hours after an avalanche of rain-drenched garbage thundered down on the squatters' colony.

He said local officials at the shantytown had no firm count on how many were still buried under a …

11 Jul 2000 description
report DisasterRelief

Written by Stephanie Kriner, Staff Writer, DisasterRelief.org, with news reports

10 Jul 2000 description

Over the past week, tropical Depression Edeng, in conjunction with the south west monsoon, has brought heavy rains over the entire area of Luzon and the Visayas in the Philippines causing flooding, landslides and making roads and bridges impassable in all the provinces of five regions.

As of 9 July, 42 persons have been reported dead, mostly from drowning and, according to the Philippine National Disaster Co-ordinating Council (NDCC), a total of 1.2 million families have been affected, most of whom are now sheltering in various evacuation centres.

07 Jul 2000 description

Ref: OCHA/GVA - 2000/0127
OCHA Situation Report No. 1
Philippines - Tropical Depression Edeng

07 Jul 2000 description

2000-07-07 11:44:14 GMT (Reuters)

MANILA, July 7 (Reuters) - At least 27 people have been killed in the northern Philippines this week in floods and landslides caused by a typhoon, civil defence officials said on Friday.

The officials said at least five people were injured and nine others, mostly fishermen, were missing.

Typoon Edeng was almost stationary off the coast of the northern tip of the Philippines as of 4 p.m. (0800 GMT), with winds gusting up to 140 km per hour (90 mph) at its centre, the weather office said.