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27 Sep 2016 description

By Denis McClean

GENEVA, 27 September 2016 - It didn’t have a fancy name. It was Tropical Cyclone 03 A and it killed more than 10,000 people, many of them desperately poor salt pan workers in the Kutch district of Gujarat, India.

Hundreds died at their place of work, ignorant of the coming storm’s strength until it bore down on their encampment with a fury that turned their flimsy homes into death traps.

07 Jul 1999 description

By Ruth Nabakwe, PANA Correspondent
GENEVA, Switzerland (PANA, 07/07/99) - Application of improved housing construction technologies could serve to minimise vulnerability of buildings, infrastructure and services in human settlements, the chief of Habitat, Lars Ludvigsen, said Wednesday.

06 Jul 1999 description

Press Release SG/SM/7060 - 19990706

03 Jul 1998 description

Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS) volunteers and workers continue to bring emergency help to victims of the powerful cyclone that hit the coastal state of Gujarat, in western India on 9 June. The cyclone left more than 1,100 people dead and injured another 4,000. Torrential rains washed away 2,000 homes and damaged hundreds of public buildings. In coordination with local authorities, Indian Red Cross branches in the affected regions set up soup kitchens to feed 5,000 people as well as clinics to provide medical care for 200 persons daily.

18 Jun 1998 description

ACT-CASA is assisting 10,000 families after a devastating cyclone hit parts of Gujarat and Rajasthan states in western India on June 9 this year. The unofficial death toll is more than 1,000 lives. The majority of those killed and the worst damage happened along parts of the Gujarat coast line where a combination of cyclone and tidal wave destroyed entire villages. In Kutch district alone 27,000 people have been rendered homeless by the cyclone and now live in temporary camps.

17 Jun 1998 description

34 Denominations & Communions Working Together to Meet Human Needs

16 Jun 1998 description

Searchers have found dozens of more victims of the killer cyclone that hit western India a week ago, most of them salt workers or fishermen, officials said on Tuesday.

The finds bring the death toll from the cyclone to 1,092 versus Monday's estimates of at least 1,054.

A spokesman for the Kandla Port Trust said the sledgehammer winds which struck the Arabian Sea coast of the state of Gujarat on June 9 had swept at least 29 people to their deaths from the low-lying and barren island of Sadsaida which lies in front of the port.

The Times of India newspaper said 135 bodies had …

15 Jun 1998 description

Indian officials say more than one-thousand bodies have been recovered in the state of Gujarat following last week's cyclone which crashed into the country's west.

The hardest hit area has been the Kutch district with 794 deaths out of the official one-thousand-and-forty.

A Gujarat government spokesman says the toll will rise as authorities continue to investigate hundreds of missing persons cases.

The spokesman says medical teams have been deployed across the region to prevent epidemics and water-borne diseases arising from the disaster.

The cyclone, with winds gusting …

15 Jun 1998 description

OCHA/GVA - 98/0225
1. The UN Resident Coordinator in New Delhi provided the following update on the impact of the cyclone which hit western India on 9 June 1998. According to official sources, the death toll has increased to 713 as detailed below. Television news reports indicated an unofficial death toll of more than 1,000.

13 Jun 1998 description

Indian officials say the number of deaths from a cyclone this week, which hit western India, has risen to 835.

Relief workers say the toll will go higher as survivors search for food and fresh water in an area devastated by mudslides and flooding.

In the hardest-hit state of Gujarat, workers are still removing bodies flung onto power cables and trees or buried in sludge left behind by a tidal wave.

The A-P newsagency quotes some survivors as describing a wall of water nearly five-metres high devastating villages and carrying away entire populations.

12 Jun 1998 description

The official death toll from a cyclone which hit the west coast of India earlier this week has risen to 713.

Officials say the figure will rise as relief workers get through to more than a dozen villages still cut off after the cyclone.

Unofficial reports earlier today put the figure as high as 900.

Most of the victims died in the state of Gujarat when they were taken by surprise by a huge tidal wave.

Interior Minister Lal Krishna Advani has rejected criticism that the workers had NOT been warned early enough.

He says they had ignored the warnings.

Mr Advani has called …

11 Jun 1998 description
  1. The UN Resident Coordinator in New Delhi provided the following update (as per official sources) on the impact of the cyclone which hit Gujarat, Maharashtra and Rajastan States.
11 Jun 1998 description

By Naveen Thukral

AHMEDABAD, India, June 11 (Reuters) - Military helicopters on Thursday distributed food to isolated communities after a cyclone tore through the coastal regions of western India killing 550 people and disrupting communications. The state of Gujarat bore the brunt of the storm in the past two days, but officials said the cyclone had now subsided. "The worst is over," state Home (Interior) Minister Haren Pandya said in Ahmedabad, the state's main city.

10 Jun 1998 description

A cyclonic storm with wind speeds of about 130 km per hour hit parts of western India yesterday morning. The death toll was reported by Reuters today to be 205 while about 15,000 people have been evacuated to safer places.

10 Jun 1998 description

Ref. DHAGVA - 98 /0221
1. On 9 June 1998, a cyclone hit the coastal regions of the western Indian state of Gujarat. The UN Resident Coordinator in New Delhi reported today that, as per official information, the cyclone has affected 12 districts of Gujarat State. A total of 206 people have been killed and 210 injured and hospitalised. The details of affected areas (talukas) and the number of deaths in each district are given below: