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04 Jul 1997 description

Belarus - Windstorm
DHA-Geneva Situation Report No. 2
4 July 1997


1. New information provided by the Government of Belarus and the Belarusian Red Cross, while basically confirming the damage reported earlier, contains the following new details on the damage caused by a severe storm with a character of hurricane (strong wind accompanied by heavy rain and hailstones) which hit the Brest and Minsk regions of the country on 23 June 1997:

30 Jun 1997 description


1. The Ministry of Emergencies of Belarus informs that on 23 June 1997 a hurricane hit the Brest and Minsk regions of the country causing a substantial damage to the population and economy of the regions:

- Five people are reported dead, forty five are heavily wounded, hundreds of people are left without shelter.

- 376 houses and 208 industrial structures are destroyed; 7015 houses, 1959 industrial structures, 4415 transformer sub-stations and 349 electric power lines are damaged; 1639 settlements are without electric power supply.