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30 May 2016 description
report Qatar Charity
  • Niger comes third in the countries aided by Rohama Qatar delegation

  • Nasser Al Megheiseb: What distinguishes Rohama initiative is that it focuses on the developmental aspect of the regions it aids.

Supported by QC, the delegation of Rohama initiative finished its exploratory trip to Niger so as to check upon the Nigerians and to aid 400 families that suffer from poverty. The delegation provided the villages and orphanages with some food supplies and basic needs.

07 Mar 2016 description
report Qatar Charity

Al Kuwairi,

"Coordination and cooperation between active humanitarian actors is necessary to offer better services, and humanitarian and development programs to the countries of the Sahel."

Mr. Toby Lanzer,

"We cannot stop the reasons behind the people's needs in Sahel unless we work using a methodology based on security, development and humanitarian work."

27 Aug 2015 description
report Qatar Charity

Qatar Charity Niger and United Nation's Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) have signed an agreement to distribute 18 tons of seeds to 12,000 small farmers and sheep to 100 at-risk female-headed households. As a key strategic implementing partner of FAO, Qatar Charity Niger selected the beneficiaries in the 124 villages who are regularly affected by drought and threatened by period food crises, organized the procurement and logistical arrangements.

26 Aug 2015 description
report Qatar Charity

Qatar Charity Mauritania's annual health convoys have served different areas in the country's remote interior by providing medical check-ups and tests in addition to free medicine for more than 10,000 people at-risk rural dwellers. At a budget exceeding QAR 1.0 million (USD 275,000) and traveling more than 1400 kilometers each direction over very challenging roads, many of those treated in the regions of Hodh Ech Chargui and Hodh El Gharbi suffered from diseases directly related to malnutrition and the lack of potable drinking water.

08 Jun 2015 description
report Qatar Charity

Qatar Charity Mauritania continues its efforts to provide safe drinking water through drilling and equipping wells, whether land-surface or artesian wells depending on the need of people and the nature of the land. As and when possible, wells are equipped with solar-powered pumps.

21 Apr 2015 description
report Qatar Charity

Qatar Charity established its office in Mauritania in 2007 as it previously implemented activities solely through national partners. Its ambitious relief program is working to enhance the readiness and preparedness of the office and partners in emergency response for the benefit of millions of refugees and displaced populations in eastern Mauritania, via the provision of food and medical aid, clothes and blankets.

20 Apr 2015 description
report Qatar Charity

A delegation comprising members from the Government of Niger, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization and Qatar Charity recently took part in the visits that covered farms in seven villages aided by Qatar Charity during 2014. All parties represented in the delegation place great importance on irrigated agriculture support for small farmers, helping lift them out of poverty and achieve food security for the country, which suffers from constant food crises.

10 Mar 2015 description
report Qatar Charity

Qatar Charity has recently completed a number of water projects in the Republic of Mali. The projects included several wells in Mopti, an area around 650 kilometers from the capital, in addition to wells in the villages of Sirmaloy, Dan and Cumbuco providing access to safe drinking water to 450 families at a total cost of around QAR 50,000 (USD 13,700).

18 Jan 2015 description
report Qatar Charity

Throughout several states in Mauritania, Qatar Charity is currently drilling four wells at a total cost of QAR 1 million (USD 275,000) in order to provide drinking water for around 20,000 people who have difficulty obtaining water in remote parts of the country. A safe drinking water delivery program for 2000 people in the municipality of Al-Aria, state of Atararzh has also been established to reach the inhabitants who suffer from a continued lack of safe drinking water.

01 Dec 2014 description
report Qatar Charity

Since 2007, Qatar Charity has implemented numerous relief, rehabilitation, recovery and development projects in Niger benefiting hundreds of thousands of people.

25 Nov 2014 description
report Qatar Charity

Qatar Charity has carried out a number of new recovery projects in Mali as part of its larger program aimed at disaster preparedness, recovery and development.

As part of its ongoing efforts to provide potable water for the largest number of people, Qatar Charity dug an artesian well the village of Muribabogo, in the province of Koulikoro; a region experiencing a severe shortage of drinking water. The well will benefit thousands of citizens in the village and its neighboring areas.

27 Jun 2013 description
report Qatar Charity

Qatar Charity and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) have signed an agreement in Niger to distribute 350 tons of seeds for 23,300 poor farming families in Niger.

The distribution will be carried out by QC and funded by the FAO at a cost of around QAR 1,600,000 for the benefit of 155 Nigerian villages with a combined population of 163,000 inhabitants in the areas most affected by drought.

Under the agreement, the FAO will buy 349 tons of seeds and bear the costs of transport and other administrative expenses.

04 Sep 2012 description
report Qatar Charity

Qatar Charity (QC) has opened a shelter for children who fled to South Mali along with their parents.

The centre was opened by QC in June to help students catch up with the lessons they had missed.

QC executive director for International Operations, Mohamed Mubarak al-Adassani, said the initiative was aimed at easing the sufferings of parents and to make the 2011-2012 school year succeed, through giving the students an equal opportunity as their peers in the stable regions of Mali.

05 Mar 2012 description
report Qatar Charity

Qatar Charity has launched a water and sanitation project in Mali in collaboration with the Malian government and the United Nations Program for Human Settlements (UNHS).

The project is situated in the Jalakorouje Municipality, Koulikoro region, 20 km from the capital of Bamako.