Uganda: Floods and Mudslides - Aug 2011

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Mudslides caused by heavy rains left over 6,400 people in need of urgent re-settlement, 5 injured and 3 bodies still trapped under debris. WFP distributed food aid to 26 families with the assistance of the Red Cross. (Uganda Red Cross, 12 Aug 2011)

Floods caused by heavy rains in the east have destroyed food crops. (Uganda Red Cross, 24 Aug 2011)

Monitoring and evaluation: 1. NFIs had distribution logs which had beneficiary signatures and local leaders’ endorsement. 2. Random field visits by partner’s representatives (local government and district disaster committee members), URCS board members and senior management to the intervention areas that included brief beneficiary interviews for feedback. 3. Regular meetings and sharing of distribution information with the district disaster management committee.

Institutional achievements: National Society Capacity Building: Throughout the emergency response, URCS has been able to strengthen several aspects of the institutions capacity: 1. The National Society has increased its visibility and image as the communities, attested to by the government’s and other organizations’ regular requests to have dialogue and joint activities and even taking the lead in the operation. 2. Lessons are being learned on the multiple levels of interaction with government authorities, both at national and branch/district levels. 3. The administrative and operative aspects of the National Society have been strengthened with this operation, with new skills building on previous experiences. (IFRC Final Report, 20 Mar 2012)

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