Uganda: Landslides - Jun 2012

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18 people were confirmed dead and nine injured by landslides that burried two villages of Namaaga and Bunakasala in Bumwalukani Sub County, Bududa District, on 25 Jun 2012 (Uganda Red Cross, 26 Jun 2012).

Sunday 24th June 2012, a landslide caused by heavy rains buried the villages of Namanga and Bunakasala in Bududa district. The landslide covered approximately 5 acres of land and left a devastating effect on the people and the environment in the area. 18 people were killed, 15 houses were completely buried in the mudslide, and crops and property were destroyed.

URCS quickly mobilized staff, volunteers and available resources. 70 trained volunteers were involved in providing first aid services and referrals, search and rescue, restoring family links (RFL) activities and psychosocial support. A total of 64 persons received first aid services with 14 persons referred to Bududa hospital for further treatment. 8 children were reunited with their parents, and 83 persons provided with psychosocial support, focusing on the children who had been separated, families who lost their loved ones, elderly, and injured persons. (IFRC Final Report, 31 Jan 2013)

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