Yemen: Floods - Jun 2022

Disaster description

Following heavy rains on 5 June, several districts in Ta’iz Governorate were affected by floods. According to national NGOs that conducted initial assessments in flood-affected districts, more than 2,800 households (approximately 16,800 people) in At Ta’iziyah, Mawiyah, Dimnat Khdair, Maqbanah and Sami’ districts were affected by floods. Displaced people in Al Hodeidah Governorate faced heavy rains and floods, with their shelters and food supplies destroyed. According to initial assessment conducted by CCCM partners, more than 2,900 displaced households across 22 sites in Abs, Aslam, Khayran Al Muharraq and Bani Qays districts of Hajjah Governorate and 238 households in 13 displacement sites in Az Zuhrah District of Al Hodeidah Governorate were affected. In Ad Dali’ Governorate, humanitarian partners reported some 470 households in 11 sites in Ad Dali’ City and Qa’tabah District of Ad Dali’ Governorate were affected by floods in late June. (OCHA, 30 Jun 2022)

Of the total number of people affected, an estimated 17,000 across affected IDP sites have suffered total damage to tents and other belongings. Floods and storms have caused the total or partial destruction of tents, loss of personal belongings, food and essential household items, and damage to water tanks and sewage networks. Urgent needs include shelter and essential household items (such as tarpaulins and tents), food and clean water, reparation of sewage networks, health services and medicines, and protection assistance. (IFRC, 4 Aug 2022)

Heavy rainfall has been affecting northern and central Yemen (in particular Hajjah, Al Jawf, Saada, and Ma’rib Governorates) since 3 August, causing floods and flash floods that have resulted in casualties and damage. Media report, as of 8 August, 13 fatalities, nine of which occured in Hajjah City (Hajjah Governorate), two in Saada Governorate, and two more in Khabb wa ash Sha’af District (Al Jawf Governorate). Same sources also report more than 3,400 affected people across the Ma’rib Governorate. In addition, a number of destroyed houses and several damaged houses were reported across all the affected Governorates. Over the next 24 hours, more heavy rainfall is forecast over western Yemen, including parts of the already affected Governorates. (ECHO, 8 Aug 2022)

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