Niger: Floods - Jun 2021


Disaster description

Heavy rainfall in Niger since mid-June has caused extensive floods, resulting in casualties. According to media reports, at least 35 people died and 24 were injured due to floods or heavy rain-related accidents. Maradi (southern Niger), Agadez (northern Niger) and Niamey (south-western Niger) are most affected. Up to 2,500 houses have been destroyed and 50 schools damaged. More than 26,530 people have been affected by floods and heavy rainfall. (ECHO, 3 Aug 2021)

Since mid-June, the rainy season has been affecting parts of Niger, resulting in casualties and damage. According to media, up to 64 people have died and 69,515 individuals have been affected. Heavy rainfall caused floods and landslides, destroying or damaging more than 5,100 houses. In Niamey, 6 people died on 10-11 August, after heavy rainfall-related incidents. (ECHO, 16 Aug 2021)

In Niger, so far in 2021, flooding has affected over 158,000 people in 413 villages across 77 communes in all eight regions: Agadez, Diffa, Dosso, Maradi, Niamey, Tahoua, Tillabéri and Zinder. Over 60 people have died and cholera outbreaks are being recorded in several regions. (OCHA, 30 Aug 2021)

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