Chad: Floods - Jun 2021


Disaster description

On 26 June, the sub-prefectures of Bologo and Dafra, in western Tandjilé, were severely hit by torrential rains: 231 people were wounded and five killed, 4,413 houses were destroyed, 31 schools and health centers were either totally or partially washed away, and 560 animals went missing. Around 20,000 people are now in need of shelter, food and health assistance. The Governor visited the sites on 30 June and held a coordination meeting with local authorities the next day, setting up a provincial disaster management committee. Governmental and humanitarian partners have been called upon to support the response. (OCHA, 9 Jul 2021)

Ennedi-ouest - Severe rain leaves 80 per cent of village damaged and 850 people affected: Through its Emergency Tracking Tool (ETT), IOM reported 120 households (850 individuals) impacted by heavy rains and severe flooding on 7 July, in the village of Wadi-Doum, 215 kms from Faya. The flooding has caused critical damage to homes, businesses and community gardens: all 10 community gardens, which were the community’s main sources of food, were gravely damaged, 120 houses have been flooded, leaving 99 households without shelter. Almost half of all wells -the only water sources in this desert area- were partially damaged and two of the three latrines in the village were completely damaged. Water levels are decreasing slowly but approximately 80 per cent of Wadi-Doum has reportedly sustained serious material damages. (OCHA, 16 Jul 2021)

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