Algeria: Floods - Mar 2021


Disaster description

Heavy rain has been affecting north-western Algeria (in particular the Chlef Province) since 6 March, causing flash floods that have resulted in casualties and damage. Media reports, as of 8 March, seven fatalities and three people missing across Oud Sly Municipality (west of Chlef City, Chlef Province), due to flood-related incidents. In addition, a number of damaged houses and several closed roads (including a section of the east-west highway) were reported across the same Province. More than 300 civil protection agents were deployed for search and rescue operations. (ECHO, 8 Mar 2021)

The floods caused severe damages to houses and infrastructure, sweeping away vehicles with its passengers, leading to the death of ten people washed away by the water flood including three children. On 06 March, specialized flood support teams consisting of 300 Civil Defence personnel specialized in search and rescue teams were deployed for search and rescue in flooded areas and under the rubble. More than 500 families have been affected by the immense floods as the flashing mud water high levels made way through houses and markets. Among which, 280 families have left their damaged houses to seek shelter in an emergency centre set by the Ministry of Solidarity. (IFRC, 19 Mar 2021)

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