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18 Jan 2020 description

High food prices and flood-induced crop losses constrain food availability and access in late 2019

Key Messages:

16 Jan 2020 description


  • Above-average 2019 second season harvest expected in bi-modal rainfall areas due to abundant precipitation

  • Torrential rains since October triggered floods in some eastern and western districts, affecting about 300 000 people

  • Reduced crop production in uni-modal Karamoja Region due to below-average planted area

  • Abundant seasonal rains benefitted pastoral livelihoods

14 Jan 2020 description
report The Conversation

The Conversation

Author: Dominic D.B. Makwa - Lecturer, Makerere University

13 Jan 2020 description
report New Vision

By Wilson Asiimwe

Several residents who camped at Bubukwanga refugee transit camp and Semuliki high in Bundibugyo are still waiting for assistance to rebuild their homes after floods destroyed their houses.

BUNDIBUJO - Over 1500 residents in Bundibugyo district, were last year displaced by the floods and are still enduring cold nights in the two camps that were established.

06 Jan 2020 description
report World Vision

Key Messages

  • More than 90,000 new refugees have arrived in Uganda as of 2019 (UNHCR). Despite this, there has been a decline refugee crisis funding. This has significantly affected child protection sector, where World Vision developed an appeal. In November, 1,387 people of concern were received from South Sudan (of whom 511 are children) and 3,877 Congolese refugees from DRC.

03 Jan 2020 description

The START consortium concludes a successful 45-day emergency response in Butaleja and Bulambuli districts reaching 999 households (8,010 individuals) with food, household commodities, emergency shelter kits, and WASH materials using a marketbased and in-kind distribution response to recent flooding.

Community sensitization, hygiene and child protection training for newly created and existing committees and cash-for-work activities to reinforce river embankments ensure sustainability and increased capacity of local structures to boost community resilience.

03 Jan 2020 description
report Monitor-Uganda

By Leonard Mukooli

Landslide victims in Bududa District are struggling to cope with life after they lost all they had in the calamity.

The victims are now living in churches, schools, hospitals and host families, who are finding it hard to feed and cater for all their needs.

Mr George Nambale, the Shikhururwe Village chairperson, said most victims lost all their properties. Mr Nambale said due to the overwhelming burden that victims put onto the host families, others have sought to return to their homes, putting their lives in more danger.

02 Jan 2020 description

START partners finished in kind distributions and market fairs in Butaleja and Bulambuli districts supporting 1,000 households (512 female headed) with their most immediate needs, while injecting UGX 484 million (US$ 131,000) into the local economy.

CRS, Caritas, World Vision and Plan International worked together to complete two weeks of distributions and market days in Butaleja and Bulambuli districts. Cash-for-work programming and DRR activities kicked off to plant trees to support weakened river banks.


29 Dec 2019 description

Flooding and landslides due to heavy rainfall result in atypical food insecurity


• In bimodal areas, well above-average second season rainfall from October to December has led to favorable crop production overall, with most areas in Minimal (IPC Phase 1). However, torrential rainfall has also led to localized flooding and landslides in mountainous areas of eastern and western Uganda.

28 Dec 2019 description
report Uganda Red Cross

“After 6 days of not knowing where my son was, I thought he was dead.” A tale of a mother who has been reunited with her son after deadly floods displaced thousands in Bundibugyo.

26 Dec 2019 description
report UN Children's Fund


  • Uganda remains Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) free as of November 2019, although the risk of EVD importation remains very high given the porous border shared with the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

  • Over 1.2 million of the refugee and asylum seeker population are children and women that require humanitarian assistance.

25 Dec 2019 description
report Monitor-Uganda


Mbale-The poor state of roads has hampered the delivery of relief food to landslide survivors in Zesui and Masaba sub-counties in Sironko District.

The disaster situation report issued by the chief administrative officer, Mr Moses Bukenya Seguya, indicates that the leaders are finding it hard to deliver relief to landslide victims in the camps.

“The rains and floods have destroyed bridges, cutting off roads’ connectivity, especially in the areas where the landslides occurred,” the report reads in part.

24 Dec 2019 description
report Voice of America

By Rael Ombuor

TRANS NZOIA, KENYA - As the Earth heats up, weather and climate patterns are changing dramatically around the globe. Africa felt the effects of those changes in 2019, experiencing cyclones, droughts and unstoppable rains that jeopardized livelihoods.

Sixty-two-year-old David Kemboi sorts out dry maize stalks on his 21-hectare farm in Kenya's Trans Nzoia County.

He turns the stalks of what could have been a bountiful harvest into silage — for feeding his 15 herd of cattle.

20 Dec 2019 description


The Greater Horn of Africa is experiencing first-hand the complex interplay between the global climate crisis, conflict and violence, with the most vulnerable people across the region suffering the effects.

Rising food and nutrition insecurity may force families to adopt negative coping mechanisms, including school drop-outs and early marriage.

19 Dec 2019 description

Flooding risks persist across eastern Africa, while South Africa remains drier-than-average

Africa Weather Hazards

  1. Continued above-average rainfall has triggered flooding across eastern Africa. Rain is forecast to continue next week maintaining high flood risk.

  2. Locust swarms continue to affect parts of Sudan, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Somalia, and Yemen. The chance of a lotus outbreak has increased in north and eastern areas.

19 Dec 2019 description


• Torrential rains are being experienced across Uganda. According to the Uganda National Meteorological Department (UNMA), abovenormal rains will continue until the end of the year.

• At least 38 people have died due to floods and landslides in Bundibugyo, Bududa and Sironko districts, and over 150 people have been injured. At least 300,000 have been affected and an estimated 65,000 people are displaced, according to Government sources.

18 Dec 2019 description
  • Widespread flooding and landslides have severely affected 13 districts in Uganda.
  • 65 people have died, mainly in Rwenzori sub-region in western Uganda and Mount-Elgon sub-region in eastern Uganda.
  • 65,250 are displaced, 7,590 of which are sheltered in Bubukwanga transit centre, which is hosting asylum seekers from The Democratic Republic of the Congo.
18 Dec 2019 description
report Monitor-Uganda


Floods have submerged springs in Bugweri District exposing the residents to risks of waterborne diseases such as typhoid, diarrhoea and cholera.

Mr Farouk Mukama, a resident of Ibako Village, Busesa Town Council, attributed the water crisis to weak leadership.

“Issues of drilling and allocating boreholes are the work of the district council, however, the interim [district] council is divided. There is no way people will have borehole water when we lack serious leadership,” he said on Monday.