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12 Sep 2019 description

Several consecutive weeks of heavy rainfall have caused flooding across West and East Africa

Africa Weather Hazards

  1. A poor start to seasonal rainfall has caused abnormal dryness in parts of Mauritania.

  2. Heavy rainfall over the past several weeks has triggered flooding in Senegal, Guinea-Conakry, Sierra Leone, and Mali. Heavy rainfall is expected to continue.

12 Sep 2019 description

FAITS SAILLANTS (Il y a 32 minutes)

  • 3,9 millions de personnes ont besoin d'assistance humanitaire selon le Plan de Réponse Humanitaire révisé en août

  • Plus de 68 600 personnes sont affectées par les inondations

  • 51 pour cent des villages de la région de Mopti pourraient être touchés par la diminution des surfaces cultivées

  • 98 pour cent des survivantes des violences basées sur le genre (VBG) sont des femmes et des filles

ANALYSE (Il y a 15 minutes)

12 Sep 2019 description
  • Heavy rainfall has been affecting several Regions of the country since the last week of August causing widespread floods and leading to casualties and damage. The most affected Regions are Kidal, Koulikoro, Timbuktu, Ménaka and Mopti.

  • According to the International Federation of Red Cross report, as of 12 September, 6,474 people have been affected and 4,000 are in need of assistance. At least 845 houses have been destroyed, leaving hundreds of people homeless.

30 Aug 2019 description

Flood risk persists in parts of West Africa and Sudan while Ethiopia remains abnormally dry

  1. A poor start to the rainfall season across Senegal and Gambia has led to significant dryness.

  2. Continued heavy rainfall has caused flooding in Dakar. Heavy rainfall is likely to continue maintaining the risk for flooding in the region.

22 Aug 2019 description

Risk of severe flooding continues in parts of Sierra Leone, Mali, and Sudan

  1. A poor start to therainfall season acrossSenegal and Gambia has ledto significant dryness.

  2. Heavy rains during the past weeks has led to flashflooding in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Continued rain thisweek will keep flood threats high.