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25 Oct 2019 description

(Juba, 25 October 2019): Abnormally heavy seasonal flooding has been devastating large areas of South Sudan since July, with an estimated 908,000 people affected. This includes internally displaced people, refugees and their host communities. The rains are likely to continue for another four to six weeks and put more people at risk.

25 Oct 2019 description

Heavy flooding in Maban is hampering aid delivery to more than 150,000 refugees and over 70,000 members of the host community. This intensity was last witnessed in 1984.

The only road that leads to Maban (Bunj – Melut) has been cut off since August and there is a looming shortage of food for refugees, host communities and aid workers.

Maban is on the verge of a health hazard and service delivery to UNHCR’s persons of concern will continue to be disrupted with increased criminality


25 Oct 2019 description


The bridge linking Joppa to major markets, health centers and schools in the South Sudanese capital Juba is a lifeline for the local community.

But damage caused by heavy flooding during the rainy season had left residents stranded, making it difficult for them to get to work and school or to buy goods and services.

It has now been repaired as part of the Quick Impact Project program operated by the United Nations Mission in South Sudan.

At the official handover, Joppa residents expressed their delight.

24 Oct 2019 description

Considerable flooding continues across East and West Africa

  1. Heavy rainfall was reported in northern Ghana and bordering areas of Burkina Faso.

  2. The Logone River in northern Cameroon has flooded and continued rain expected next week is likely to maintain high water levels.

  3. Northern South Sudan has reported flooding from high river levels accumulating from parts of Sudan and Ethiopia.

24 Oct 2019 description


299,162 Number of refugees in South Sudan. 92% came from Sudan, 5% from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, 2% from Ethiopia, and 1% from the Central African Republic.

1.46 million Number of internally displaced persons in South Sudan, 12% of which are staying inside six UNMISS Protection of Civilians sites.

213,376 Number of South Sudanese refugees who have returned to South Sudan in a self-organized manner (November 2017 – 30 September 2019) of 2.3 million displaced.

24 Oct 2019 description

Heavy rain and severe flooding in Maban, South Sudan, last week have caused severe damage to camps for refugees and internally displaced persons, where JRS serves. The floods have destroyed housing, roads, and schools and have left many people in search of dry ground.

23 Oct 2019 description
  • Heavy rain has affected countries in central Africa - particularly northern Cameroon, southern Chad, northern South Sudan, Uganda, and southeastern Niger - in the past two weeks, causing flooding.

  • Media report approximately 100,000 people affected across the transborder region of Southwestern Chad and Northeastern Cameroon, following the overflow of the Logone River and Lake Maga. Houses have been destroyed, roads flooded and bridges damaged.

21 Oct 2019 description
  • Thousands of people have been left stranded in parts of east and northeast South Sudan in the wake of severe flooding.

  • Our teams have been forced to reduce medical activities and discharge people from hospital, leaving people cut off from medical care, after the hospital flooded.

  • MSF urges organisations and authorities to act swiftly to respond to the crisis, particularly in Pibor, eastern South Sudan.

21 Oct 2019 description


Unusually heavy seasonal flooding is affecting large areas of South Sudan, with estimates that between 600,000 and 800,000 people have been affected, according to authorities. As of late October, Ayod, Maban, Mayom, Nyirol, Pibor and Uror in Greater Upper Nile were among the counties most heavily affected by the floods.

21 Oct 2019 description
  • Heavy rain affected Maban County (northern South Sudan) in the past two weeks, causing widespread flooding.
  • According to UNHCR, as of 18 October, 200,000 people have been affected, including refugees and host populations. Public services, including hospitals and sanitation facilities, have been severely impacted. Around 500,000 people are reported to be affected by floods throughout the country.
  • UNHCR, in coordination with its partners and the local authorities are providing emergency shelter kits and material assistance for some 25,000 people affected.
18 Oct 2019 description


  • Rainy season flooding affects an estimated 365,000 people

  • EVD National Task Force conducts simulation to assess EVD preparedness

  • Food security projected to improve through December, worsen in early 2020


18 Oct 2019 description

JUBA, SOUTH SUDAN, 18th October 2019 – Unprecedented heavy flooding in South Sudan’s Maban County has affected nearly 200,000 people, including refugees and host population.

Situated in the Upper Nile State, the affected area is home to more than 150,000 refugees from Sudan.

South Sudan is on a gradual path to recovery from six years of civil war and now faces flooding that the region has not witnessed in recent decades.

14 Oct 2019 description

October to December rains forecast to be fully established by late October in eastern Horn

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11 Oct 2019 description


  • South Sudan: Three humanitarian workers killed

  • Amid rising concerns about mental health, increased suicide cases in Malakal Protection of Civilians site

  • South Sudan Humanitarian Fund allocates US$36 million to respond to life-saving needs

  • New research finds 1.5 million internally displaced persons in South Sudan

  • More than 6.35 million people severely food insecure in August despite large scale humanitarian assistance


11 Oct 2019 description
report Sudan Tribune

October 10, 2019 (TORIT) – A week of heavy rain has destroyed over 2,000 households in Torit state town, a local official said on Thursday.

The commissioner for Torit county, Fermo Peter Isarra said the situation has left many of the people with nowhere to go stranded.

He urged humanitarian partners to assist the population in his county.

Separately, the state administrator for Relief and Rehabilitation Commission, Emmanuel Okullo Eliseo said heavy rains also destroyed at least 50 households and killed eight goats in Torit West County.

23 Sep 2019 description

LUK RIEK NYAK Heavy downpours brought on by the rainy season have blocked access to roads leading to the greater Mayom area, hindering the delivery of humanitarian assistance to cantonment sites located there.

“The roads are in dire conditions because of the rain,” Mayom town council executive director, James Mathak, told a reporter from Radio Mairaya. “I am calling on all humanitarian partners to deliver as much assistance as possible.”

05 Sep 2019 description

Persisting heavy rainfall triggers flooding across parts of West and East Africa

  1. A poor start to the rainfall season across Senegal, The Gambia, Guinea-Bissau, and Mauritania has caused significant dryness.

  2. Persisting heavy rainfall following abnormally wet conditions in July has caused flash flooding in Sierra Leone.