Serbia: Floods - Jun 2019

Disaster description

In the last two weeks, Republic of Serbia was affected by heavy rain and hailstorms. On 3 June 2019, Moravicki, Raski, Sumadijski and Pomoravski districts were affected by floods and flash floods due to the heavy rainfalls (80-100 litres per square metre). 20 cities and municipalities in the central and western parts of Serbia ... were reported to be affected by flash floods and floods as a consequence of the heavy rains. Several hundreds of hectares of agricultural land have been destroyed. 13 municipalities declared a state of emergency on 3 June, and following more rainfalls, additional seven municipalities declared state of emergency between 5 and 7 June 2019. In the 20 municipalities in which a state of emergency was declared, a total of 1,176 households were affected and 285 people were evacuated. Adding the number of people in need of safe water brings the total number of affected people to 11,650. Since 7 June there has not been any rainfall and the temperature has increased, therefore the situation has improved. However, according to the weather forecast, heavy rainfalls are forecast in the same areas in the coming week, which might cause challenges in the recovery process. (IFRC, 17 Jun 2019)

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