Trinidad and Tobago: Floods - Oct 2018

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On 18 - 19 October, Trinidad and Tobago experienced torrential rainfall, according to Government officials, Trinidad alone received a full month’s worth of rain during the two days. It was estimated 80% of the country was affected by flooding, communities, main roads and public services were affected. On 20 October, the Government of Trinidad and Tobago activated its National Emergency Operations Centre and began assessments. As of now the Government has not requested international support. (OCHA, 23 Oct 2018)

The persistent rainfall has caused flooding in approximately 80 per cent of the country, primarily the north, east and central parts of the island nation such as Sangre Grande, Matelot, La Horquetta, St. Helena, Caroni and Mayaro. There are reports from ODPM and CDEMA’s Situation Report #1 that the flooding has impacted 100,000 to 150,000 people. Additionally, official reports from ODPM and CDEMA indicate that 800 people sought shelter in collective centres during th the peak of the emergency; however, the colletive centre population is decreasing as affected people return home to begin the cleanup process. (IFRC, 29 Oct 2018)

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