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21 Dec 2017 description


  • Le nombre de personnes dans le besoin est passé de 1,9 million en 2017 à 2,3 millions en 2018.

  • Près de 6 000 personnes dans la région de Diffa passent en phase de crise, selon les résultats du cadre harmonisé d’analyse de la vulnérabilité alimentaire.

  • Une moyenne hebdomadaire de 6 000 migrants sortants enregistrée en 2016 contre une moyenne mensuelle de 5 500 migrants sortants en 2017.

  • Près d’une trentaine d’écoles toujours fermées dans la région de Diffa où l’insécurité reste une menace

15 Dec 2017 description
report UN Children's Fund


 Attacks by Boko Haram continued in the Diffa region on several villages. 11 people including 4 women and 4 children were arrested by Defense and security forces under suspicion of association with the violent extremist group.

 UNICEF continued the planned NFI assistance to victims of floods, in support to the government, for 680 households of 22 villages of Maradi region. UNICEF overall NFI response to floods reached 5,330 households (36,152 people).

15 Dec 2017 description

Chaque année, à l’approche de la saison des pluies, Hadiza Bambara angoisse. La femme de 75 ans, qui a neuf personnes à sa charge, n’a pas oublié cette longue nuit pluvieuse où elle et sa famille ont échappé à la mort dans l’effondrement de leur maison.

« J’ai été alertée par les cris de ma petite fille lorsqu’un morceau de terre tombé du toit l’a réveillée » explique-t-elle. « J’ai sursauté au cœur de la nuit, et tout de suite, j’ai eu le réflexe d’évacuer la maison » ajoute-t-elle.

15 Dec 2017 description

When the rainy season comes each year, Hadiza Bambara is anxious. The 75-year-old woman, who has nine dependents, hasn’t forgotten the long rainy night when she and her family almost died when their home collapsed.

"I was alerted by my daughter's cries when a piece of earth fell from the roof and woke her up," Hadiza explained. "I jumped up in the middle of the night and immediately evacuated the house."

11 Dec 2017 description

This update is requesting a no-cost one month timeframe extension (New end date: 12 January 2018) to enable completion of distribution of NFI and shelter kits. Indeed, procurement was delayed by administrative formalities at the Niger Customs, since the needed NFI/ Shelter tool kits were requested from the IFRC warehouse in Las Palmas (Spain), in collaboration with the Regional Logistic Unit and the Sahel CCST Logistic Officer.

22 Nov 2017 description



Armed attackers ambushed a six-truck aid convoy on 11 November near the northern Kaga-Bandoro town, where incidents of insecurity have been on the rise lately. A week earlier, gunmen raided an aid convoy headed to Ndélé town, also in the north, robbed the entire cargo of one truck and killed a driver. So far this year, 13 aid workers have been killed in the spate of violence across the country.


15 Nov 2017 description
report Start Network

We failed this summer - let’s embrace it

by Sarah Klassen

14 Nov 2017 description
report UN Children's Fund


 Attacks by Boko Haram continued in the Diffa region on several villages, with targeted abduction, lootings and cattle thefts. Intercommunity tensions also continued.

 UNICEF co-funded the provision of NFI assistance to 347 displaced households in Maina Kaderi site, in partnership with IRC and as part of an in-kind contribution to the Rapid Response Project implemented in Diffa region.

14 Nov 2017 description

Summary of revisions made to the Emergency Plan of Action (EPoA):

This Operation Update is issued to acknowledge challenges, mainly in-country security constraints, encountered since the start of this DREF’s operation, causing delays in its implementation. Some activities could not be completed as planned. The Niger Red Cross Society (NRCS) is consequently requesting a two-month extension of the DREF operational timeframe up to 25 January 2018, to complete the implementation of remaining activities.

Amongst challenges encountered:

08 Nov 2017 description
infographic UN Children's Fund

Non-food response

Since the beginning of the rainy season UNICEF has supported the Government in providing non-food items (NFI) to 5,330 affected families (37,461 people) in all the regions of Niger except for Niamey. Each NFI kit included tarpaulins - rope - plastic mat - blankets - Long Lasting Insecticidal Nets - water container - pieces of soaps - cotton fabric (6 yeards) - bucket - hygiene kit - kettle.

WASH response

19 Oct 2017 description

The West and Central Africa region has experienced severe flooding in the 2017 rainy season, causing significant material and human casualties. A combination of swollen rivers and high impact incidents has led to destruction of infrastructure and agricultural assets, population displacement, and complications for access and relief assistance.

16 Oct 2017 description

UN-SPIDER at a glance

UN-SPIDER Regional Support Offices conduct virtual meeting

16 Oct 2017 description
report UN Children's Fund


  • On July 2nd an attack on the village of Nguéléwa in the Diffa region killed 9 people and injured 11. 33 children and 6 women were kidnapped. Over 16,000 people fled and settled temporarily around Kablewa, Kitchiendi and Nguigmi along the National road.

  • UNICEF provided NFI assistance to 500 newly displaced households in Kitchiendi site, in partnership with the Ministry of Humanitarian Action and Disaster Relief, while 436 households were assisted in Gagam, in partnership with IRC, as part of the rapid response mechanism.

04 Oct 2017 description

Map Information

Torrential rains at the end of August 2017 have caused serious flooding in Niger. The authorities reported that hundreds of houses have been destroyed; key roads cut in several parts of the country and an evacuation of thousands of people in the capital, Niamey, has been ordered.

02 Oct 2017 description

A community of students and young professionals are developing a digital map of their country and plotting flood-prone areas on their smartphones

By Morgane Le Cam

NIAMEY, Oct 2 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Fatima Alher watches her step, careful not to sink knee-deep in the water flooding the rice fields of Kirkisoy, a neighbourhood in Niger's capital.

Her colleagues help lift her over the biggest puddles – a task complicated by the fact that they barely take their eyes off their smartphones.

29 Sep 2017 description

Members of PREGEC met in Conakry to discuss the progress of this year’s agro-pastoral campaign, the agricultural outlook and the food situation. In preparation for the campaign, governments and their partners made significant strides in helping farmers and pastoralists obtain agricultural inputs (seeds, fertilisers and pesticides) and veterinary materials (vaccines). In addition, food and humanitarian assistance measures have been implemented for vulnerable populations.

28 Sep 2017 description


  • The Lake Chad region continues to face large-scale humanitarian needs as a result of the long-running violence associated with Boko Haram. The recent months have seen an increase in attacks, especially in northeastern Nigeria.

  • The ongoing trend of return of Nigerian refugees continues. Most returnees arrive with serious humanitarian needs including food, water, shelter and health. This is putting a tremendous strain on the communities hosting returnees who are already struggling with limited resources.