Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: Floods - Nov 2016

Disaster description

On Tuesday, 29 November 2016, St. Vincent and the Grenadines was impacted by heavy rains, which resulted in flooding and landslides in several communities. Sandy Bay in the north-eastern area of St. Vincent was the most severely affected community; however, the villages of Magum, Orange Hill, Overland, London, Point, Owia and Fancy in the north-east and Spring Village, Coulls Hill, Troumaca, Rose Bank, Sharpes, Fitz Hughes and Chateaubelair in the northwest of St. Vincent were also impacted. Some people suffered losses to their subsistence crops and livestock, and a they are experiencing severe psychosocial effects, access to water and sanitation issues, and financial challenges as a direct consequence of the flooding. (IFRC, 14 Dec 2016)

The flooding destroyed 15 houses, severely damaged 20 houses and partially damaged more than 50. (IFRC, 19 Dec 2016)

The DREF operation aims to provide emergency humanitarian aid to at least 400 families (2,000 affected people) in order to respond to and meet basic needs in health, water and sanitation and shelter and settlements (non-food items) during the three-month operation, which will end on 13 March 2017. (IFRC, 1 Feb 2017)

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