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13 Feb 2017 description


  • Food situation remains good in the region with new harvests. The off season crop campaign in the region is ongoing.

  • Niger recorded a forage production deficit.

  • Locust infestation decreased in December in the areas affected by recent resurgences in Mauritania.

  • The FAO food price index dropped for the fifth consecutive year.

25 Nov 2016 description
report UN Children's Fund


  • 11 security incidents were registered in Diffa in October, including an attack on the health centers of N’Garwa and of Gueskerou, where people displaced from Niger and Nigeria receive care. No casualties were reported, but medical supplies, essential medicines and RUTF were looted.

10 Nov 2016 description
report UN Children's Fund


  • The Diffa region continues to be affected by the ongoing crisis in northeast Nigeria. A significant resumption of attacks from Boko Haram was observed in September, including armed attacks and lootings of villages, roadside IEDs and armed ambushes against national and multinational forces. As a result of a major attack on Toumour, hosting over 5,000 displaced households, massive displacement of populations was reported towards the towns of Kitchendi (more than 500 households) and Nguigmi (more than 400 households).

27 Oct 2016 description

Harvests are in progress throughout the region and an above-average production is expected


  • From early July until early October, the West Africa region has mostly received average to above-average rains that are well-distributed (Figures 1 and 2); the resulting adequate moisture conditions have met the various crops’ water requirements throughout the growing period.

20 Oct 2016 description


  • Epidémie de Fièvre de la Vallée du Rift pour la première fois au Niger.

  • Deux sites de réfugiés maliens attaqués entre le 10 septembre et le 6 octobre.

  • Plus de 123 000 personnes affectées par les inondations.

  • Plus de 300 000 personnes déplacées dans la région de Diffa.

Epidémie de fièvre de la Vallée du Rift dans la région de Tahoua

17 Oct 2016 description
report UN Children's Fund


  • The Diffa region continues to be affected by the ongoing crisis in northeast Nigeria, but in the month of August there was a decrease in attacks. An attack on villages near Nguigmi has caused new displacements towards Toumour. According to recently released official figures, the Diffa region is currently hosting an estimated 302,000 displaced people, including Nigerian refugees and returnees, and internally displaced persons.

12 Oct 2016 description

Crisis overview

Boko Haram attacks in Yebi and Bosso, two towns in the east of Niger’s Diffa region, have displaced an estimated 50,000–75,000 people since 19 May. Most of the displaced population first sought safety in the town of Toumour, 25–30km west of Bosso town, but have since moved westwards and northwards, fearing further BH attacks.

02 Oct 2016 description

Urgence alimentaire (Phase 4 de l’IPC) persistante au nord-est Nigeria

Messages clés

26 Sep 2016 description

Participants in the regional technical consultation on agricultural and food prospects in the Sahel and West Africa, held from 19 to 21 September 2016, in Lomé, Togo, draw the following conclusions:

1. As part of preparations for the agro-pastoral season, States and their partners provided support to farmers with inputs (seeds, fertilizers, pesticides) and agricultural equipment, even if these efforts have not met the expressed needs.

26 Sep 2016 description

Key Points

  • Relatively well-distributed rainfall in most of the region with above normal in Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger, Nigeria and Senegal.

  • Normal availability of pastures in the pastoral areas of the region.

  • Increase in the number of food and nutrition insecure people in North East Nigeria, including 65,095 people in phase 5 (famine)

24 Sep 2016 description

Following a brief period of suppressed rainfall, Guatemala registers heavy precipitation during the last week

Africa Weather Hazards

  1. Prolonged heavy rainfall during the season throughout the Niger River basin has triggered flooding and inundation along the Niger River in Mali, Niger, and Nigeria. Inundation is also expected to be greater than it has been for many years through the inner Niger delta.

24 Sep 2016 description

Continued adequate moisture conditions raise hopes for average to above-average harvest

Key Messages

  • The Intertropical Front (ITF) started its southward retreat in early September but it remains either at or north of its average position, which could mean a normal to longer growing period.

  • From early July until mid-September, mostly average to above-average rainfall that has been well-distributed over time has fallen throughout most of the region (Figures 1 and 2), which is ensuring good growing conditions.

09 Sep 2016 description

Flooding risks remain in East and West Africa, while rainfall deficits increase in Ethiopia and Uganda

About Weather Hazards

The Global Weather Hazards report anticipates severe weather or climate events in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, and Central Asia. This product provides maps with current weather and climate information; short and medium range weather forecasts (up to one week); and the potential impact on crop and pasture conditions. It does not reflect long range forecasts or food security conditions.

08 Sep 2016 description
report Government of Niger


Principal cadre de référence pour toutes les interventions en matière de prévention et de gestion des catastrophes et crises alimentaires, le plan de soutien aux populations vulnérables est considéré comme l’outil de planification et de programmation des interventions que le Dispositif National (DNPGCCA) et ses partenaires se doivent de mettre en œuvre pour répondre aux besoins des populations vulnérables identifiés préalablement selon une démarche participative et inclusive.

07 Sep 2016 description


The violent conflict in the Lake Chad Basin has continuously deteriorated. Boko Haram raids and suicide bombings targeting civilians are causing widespread trauma, preventing people from accessing essential services and destroying vital infrastructure. Around 21 million people live in the affected areas across the four Lake Chad countries. The number of displaced people in the most affected areas has tripled over the last two years. Most of the displaced families are sheltered by communities that count among the world’s poorest and most vulnerable.

06 Sep 2016 description
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  • En août, plus de 92 000 personnes étaient affectées par les inondations au Niger.
  • L’assistance alimentaire d’urgence à Diffa a couvert les besoins de 65 pour cent des personnes ciblées en juillet.
  • Les préparatifs de la rentrée scolaire sont en cours à Diffa. Cependant il y a un besoin urgent de couvrir certains besoins identifiés.
  • Le nombre des migrants qui ont transité par le Niger dépasse les prévisions.


04 Sep 2016 description

Africa Weather Hazards

  1. Persistent, above average rainfall since July has led to excessively rainfall surpluses and floods that have damaged infrastructure, displaced populations, and caused fatalities in parts of Sudan, South Sudan, and Ethiopia.
  2. Below-average seasonal rainfall and persistent moisture deficits in the region have negatively impacted developing crops across parts of eastern Oromia and SNNPR in Ethiopia.
  3. There is a potential for increased number of locusts migrating from the Arabian Peninsula which may negatively impact cropping …