Tanzania: Floods - Jan 2016

Disaster description

From 17 – 18 January 2016, the Dodoma Municipality of Tanzania and Bahi district in Dodoma region experienced significant flooding as a result of heavy rain accompanied by strong winds. Five localities in the outskirts of the Dodoma Municipality were worst hit by the flood, which affected 546 families (2,800 people) of which 155 houses were completely destroyed leaving 668 individuals displaced and homeless. Locations with high number of destroyed houses include: Chamwino Ikulu (38), Chimendeli (29), Mpunguzi (35), Mlowa (27) and Nghulugano (26). In Bahi district, an estimated 526 families (2,650 people) are affected, of which 145 houses were completely destroyed with the majority of people seeking refuge in public buildings (e.g. schools) or with friends and family. Locations with high number of destroyed houses include: Chikola (56), Kinonduli (57) and Ligwa (32). (IFRC, 3 Feb 2016)

From 10 – 15 February 2016, the Rufiji district in Coast region experienced further rains and flooding. Fifteen wards in Rufiji district were affected by the floods, specifically Chemichemi, Chumbi, Ikwiriri, Kiongoloni, Kipugira, Maparoni, Mgomba, Mkongo, Msala, Mtunda, Mwaseni, Muhoro, Ngorongo, Umwe and Utete. According to the assessment data collected by the Rufiji district authority, an estimated of 11,137 families (53,446 people) were affected. Houses were submerged in flood waters and others were completely damaged leaving over 3,000 people displaced in 11 of the wards Chemichemi (87), Chumbi (10), Ikwiriri (42), Kipugira (25), Mtunda (150), Mgomba (25), Mwaseni (15), Ngorongo (12), Mkongo (60), Umwe (100) and Utete (84)), and in need of urgent humanitarian assistance, particularly for non-food items (NFIs). (IFRC, 8 Mar 2016)

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