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01 Sep 2016 description

Meher cropping prospects mostly positive, but SNNPR and eastern Oromia drier than normal


15 Jan 2016 description

15 January 2016, Rome -- The strongest El Niño weather episode in the last several decades has caused repeated crop failure, decimated livestock herds and driven some 10.2 million people across Ethiopia into food insecurity, FAO said today, as it presented its emergency response plan to urgently protect livestock and rebuild crop production in the Horn of Africa nation.

01 Jan 2016 description

Major food security Emergency expected through 2016

Key Messages

  • The ongoing El Niño contributing to the worst drought in more than 50 years in Ethiopia has led to well below average Meher harvests in most eastern cropping areas. It has also contributed to massive livestock deaths, poor livestock body conditions and very low livestock production in Afar and northern parts of Somali Region. Between January and March 2016, large populations in the east of the country will experience very significant food consumption gaps.

11 Dec 2015 description


Ms. Ahunna Eziakonwa-Onochie UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator Drought, worsened by El Niño effects is having a devastating impact on the lives and livelihoods of over ten million Ethiopians.
With the support of Government, families have been building their resilience, but this has been stretched by the belg failure and by the erratic meher rains this year.

10 Dec 2015 description


This document is presented jointly by the Government of Ethiopia and the Ethiopia Humanitarian Country Team. It presents the key findings of the Governmentled post-harvest assessment of autumn 2015. It includes the outline of the Government and UN Humanitarian Country Team response plan to address assessed and projected humanitarian needs in 2016.

The full Ethiopia Humanitarian Requirements Document will be launched in Addis Ababa on Wednesday 9 December 2015.

08 Dec 2015 description


• The current Short Rains season (October-December 2015) in the Horn of Africa is taking place during the peak phase of one of the most intense El Nino events on record. This event, declared in March 2015 has already had major consequences across the region, with extensive, severe droughts in Ethiopia.

03 Dec 2015 description

The Government-led inter-sector National Flood Task Force (FTF) released a National Flood Contingency Plan1 on 18 November 2015 to guide flood mitigation and response efforts in flood-risk areas, especially along the Wabishabelle, Genale/Dawa, and Omo River basins. The National Meteorological Agency (NMA) forecast for bega (October - January) warns of flooding in the southern and southeastern parts of the country with heavy unseasonable rains expected in the northern, northeastern, eastern and central parts in the last quarter of the year.

03 Dec 2015 description
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Technical Annex


Having regard to the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union,
Having regard to Council Regulation (EU) 2015/322 of 2 March 2015 on the implementation of the 11th European Development Fund1 and in particular Article 9(3) thereof,
Having regard to Council Regulation (EU) 2015/323 of 2 March 2015 on the financial regulation applicable to the 11th European Development Fund2 and in particular Article 26



02 Dec 2015 description
report UN Children's Fund


  • Ethiopia is currently facing its worst drought in decades, with over 8.2 million people in need of food aid until the end of the year. The deteriorating food security situation has contributed to increased malnutrition among children with an estimated 350,000 children requiring life-saving therapeutic treatment in 2015.

30 Nov 2015 description

Key Issues

  • Development partners are urged to scale-up their investment on long-term community water supply schemes to break the cycle of chronic water shortages, and extreme vulnerability to the slightest weather shocks.

  • The final draft of the 2016 Humanitarian. Requirements Document will be submitted to the Council of Ministers for endorsement early this week. The official release of the Document is tentatively planned for 4 December.

26 Nov 2015 description
report Plan International

Plan International is responding to the needs of children as the impacts of the weather phenomenon El Niño worsen. In the Horn of Africa, where the impact is severe, it’s not just food that’s running out - it’s time.

Ethiopia, Kenya, South Sudan and Uganda, are expected to be worst affected, leaving children at risk of death, malnutrition, trauma and emotional distress.

23 Nov 2015 description

Key Issues

  • The Government will use the newly completed railway from Djibouti to Adama, Ethiopia to transport relief supplies.

  • At least 210,600 people are expected to be affected by flooding and at least 105,300 people are at risk of displacement, according to the Flood Contingency Plan released on 18 November.

  • OCHA’s Humanitarian Response Fund (HRF) issued a Call for Proposals for WaSH response in Afar,
    Amhara, Oromia, SNNP, Somali and Tigray. Proposals must be submitted before 5 December 2015.

20 Nov 2015 description


1.1. Introduction

The multi-agency Flood Task Force (FTF) issued an Alert for Unseasonal Rainfall and Flood in October 2015 to raise awareness of anticipated flood risk in Wabe Shebelle, Genale/Dawa, and southeastern parts of the country.

18 Nov 2015 description


  • Pursuant to the National Meteorological Agency weather/climate outlook, during the upcoming November 2015, the wet weather condition will continue over south and southeastern parts of the country in a better strength with a chance of heavy falls at places, which can causes flash flood at places in the areas. Therefore proper precautions should be undertaken ahead of time over flood prone areas o f the aforementioned areas.

14 Nov 2015 description

Large-scale food security emergency projected for 2016


  • In 2015, eastern Ethiopia had a severe drought. The drought contributed to low crop production for both the Belg and Meher harvests, poor livestock health, low water availability, and lack of demand for agricultural labor.

  • A major food security emergency is projected for the coming year. Already, some northern pastoral areas have moved into Emergency (IPC Phase 4).

09 Nov 2015 description

Key Issues

  • The El Niño continues to intensify. The sea surface temperature increased sharply to +2.7 Celsius above normal.

  • El Niño-impacted kiremt rains negatively affected long cycle crops in parts of north eastern and central Ethiopia.

  • Deyr rains improve water availability and pasture conditions in some areas of Somali region.

  • The National Flood Contingency Plan is expected to be officially released this week.

Donors are urgently requested to:

26 Oct 2015 description


Following the incidences of flood situations in pocket areas of the country since June 2015, the DRMFSS-led, multi-sector national Flood Task Force was re-activated in early August and has been closely monitoring the situation.

26 Oct 2015 description

Key Issues

- In Ethiopia, El Niño causes flooding in riverine areas in the south and south eastern parts of the country; and severe drought in the north, central and eastern highlands.

  • The Government urged donor partners to ensure a healthy food pipeline for the coming months to address the expected further increase in relief food beneficiary.