Belize: Floods - Oct 2015

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On Sunday, 18 October 2015 at 6:00 a.m., NEMO reported that an area of low pressure moved away from Belize, causing heavy rainfall across the country and affecting Belize City in particular, where residents were affected by localized flooding; the heavy rains began on 15 October.

This system continued to produce heavy rainfall across coastal, northern and western Belize throughout the night and into Monday, 19 October, causing severe flooding in Belize City and other parts of the country...The Belize River levels have increased, cresting up to 2 feet above the road level, which has made many of the roads impassable.

Additionally, another weak area of low pressure located in the Gulf of Honduras produced showers and thunderstorm activity across portions of Belize...This system further produced heavy rainfall across portions of Belize, northern Guatemala, and the Yucatan Peninsula. Between the two systems, Belize received a total of 28 inches of rain over a period of 5 days. Official assessments are is estimated, that several hundreds of families were affected.

Some houses lost roofs and were severely damaged by water, and families lost their household items. (IFRC, 2 Nov 2015)

Mid-November the rising water levels were still a matter of concern (Gov't of Belize, 17 Nov 2015)

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