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30 Jan 2015 description
report Kuwait News Agency

KHARTOUM, Jan 30 (KUNA) -- Volunteers of Kuwait Red Crescent Society (KRSC) Friday distributed humanitarian supplies for hundreds of refugees from South Sudan who fled the conflict in their country to Southern Sudan.

Relief supplies were distributed to tens of families, whose needs were previously determined in coordination with the Sudanese Red Crescent, said Khaled Al-Mutairi, KRSC's Crises Management Coordinator.

26 Jan 2015 description
report Sudan Tribune

January 25, 2015 (KHARTOUM) - The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) said that flooding has hindered transfer of South Sudanese refugees to new relocation sites in Sudan’s White Nile state.

Last December, the humanitarian commissioner in Khartoum state, Mustafa al-Sinarri announced the relocation of South Sudanese refugees Khartoum state to the While Nile state, adding it was decided to build new refugees camps near the border.

21 Jan 2015 description

The Egyptian Red Crescent (ERC) sent on December 6, 2014 Humanitarian aid to Sudan to alleviate the suffering of families affected by the floods that hit the country in July and August 2014.

The Sudanese Red Crescent Society (SRCS) will receive the aid through Port Sudan seaport, which included 60 tents and tons of food.

02 Dec 2014 description

Starting in February 2014, Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) has been providing medical assistance to more than 30,000 South Sudanese refugees who fled their homes and sought sanctuary in Sudan’s White Nile state. Most came from Upper Nile state, which borders Sudan to the southeast, part of the large population of South Sudanese who’ve been displaced from their homes, fearing for their lives, since conflict erupted in their homeland in December 2013.

12 Nov 2014 description
report Qatar Charity

Qatar Charity's follow-up to the emergency relief it already provided in response to the August 2014 floods in Sudan's River Nile State has initially focused on education. Schools have been renovated and teacher-training courses provided in order to improve local education conditions, which were further strained as result of the floods. At a cost of QAR one million (USD 275,000), seven schools (including 21 classrooms and 40 toilets) were renovated to benefit 4,500 students in areas adjacent to Ad-Dahmir.

10 Oct 2014 description
report Radio Dabanga

ZALINGEI LOCALITY (9 Oct .) - Heavy rainfall damaged 200 homes at the Hassahissa camp in Central Darfur on Tuesday.

Haroun Adam Abdelshafi, a sheikh at Hassahissa camp, located west of Zalingei town, told Radio Dabanga that torrential rains on Tuesday destroyed 150 shelters at the camp, and partially damaged 50 homes. “Besides, 300 latrines have been spoiled by the rains since July.”

20 Sep 2014 description
report Radio Dabanga

TOKAR (19 Sep.) - Heavy rains and torrents destroyed a number of houses in Jibait and Sinkat areas in eastern Sudan on Wednesday, and displaced the population. There were no efforts from the government to help the affected, sources told Radio Dabanga.

Tokar town has been surrounded by water from the overflowed Khor Baraka for over two months now. To go in or out of Tokar, people wade through water for 10 km. In some places, the water is as high as one meter. As a result, 200,000 inhabitants of south Tokar are isolated, and suffer from a severe food scarcity.

18 Sep 2014 description
report Radio Dabanga


Heavy downpours destroyed more than 3,000 homes at the Nierteti camps in Central Darfur on Monday and Tuesday. More than 700 homes collapsed in South Darfur’s Kalma camp owing to torrential rains and floods this week.

Speaking to Radio Dabanga, a displaced woman from the Nierteti South camp reported that the victims, “living now in the open”, are in urgent need of aid.

15 Sep 2014 description
report Radio Dabanga

SOUTH DARFUR / EASTERN SUDAN (15 Sep.) - Torrential rains led to the collapse of 371 homes in El Salam camp for the displaced, south of Nyala, capital of South Darfur over the weekend. In eastern Sudan, 11 villages have been isolated by floods.

“About 3,000 other homes were partially destroyed,” an El Salam camp elder told Radio Dabanga. “Most of the toilets at the camp were flooded, and some collapsed too.”

The sheikh added that the rains led to the increase of public transport fees from the camp to Nyala. “We pay now SDG 10 ($1.75) instead of SDG 3 ($0.52).”

15 Sep 2014 description

Khartoum, Sept. 14 (SUNA) - An Egyptian plane carrying relief materials is due to arrive Tuesday in Khartoum in support of the citizens who were affected by floods and heavy rainfall.

The Information Advisor at Egypt Embassy in Khartoum, Abdul-Rahman Nasif, said that the plane will bring a number of tons of relief materials in response to a directive of the President of Egypt, Field Marshal Abdul-Fatah Al-Sisi.

12 Sep 2014 description


  • Mixed production prospects for the 2014 main season cereal crops to be harvested from November

  • Heavy rains since July caused widespread floods across the country, affecting more than 250 000 people

  • Cereal prices hit new record high levels in most markets

  • Food security situation expected to improve from October as green crops become available for local consumption

Mixed production prospects for crops to be harvested from early November

08 Sep 2014 description
report Radio Dabanga

RIVER NILE / SOUTH DARFUR - Large parts of the River Nile state in northern Sudan were flooded on Sunday. In South Darfur, torrents destroyed more than 1,000 plots of farmland, and about 200 homes.

The floods, coming from Wadi Ghadi, south of Wad Hamed town, have blocked the Wad Hamed-Khartoum road. The torrents and floods washed away dozens of cows and sheep, and severely damaged vast tracts of farmland in the area.

07 Sep 2014 description
report Radio Dabanga

PORT SUDAN (7 Sep.) - A member of the Red Sea State parliament has warned of a famine in the state.

Speaking to Radio Dabanga from Port Sudan on Friday, Hamed Idris, MP for Agig constituency, said that the food situation in eastern Sudan is “alarmingly bad”.

“The rains and floods have increased the size of the disaster, especially in Toker delta. People are malnourished, and tuberculosis is spreading fast. Above this, the unemployment rates, in particular among graduates is huge.”

06 Sep 2014 description
report Radio Dabanga

NIERTETI/EL FASHER (5 Sep .) - A water crisis has struck the internally displaced people living in Nierteti locality, Central Darfur, after all the water pumps in the camps have stalled. Meanwhile the accumulation of water in a camp in El Fasher locality is causing the spread of mosquitoes and malaria.

04 Sep 2014 description
report Radio Dabanga

Seven people died, 17 others were injured, and four went missing during heavy rains that swept Deleig in Central Darfur on Tuesday. In Wadi Salih locality, 356 homes collapsed in the Jeddah and Jebelein camps. Torrential rainfall in Kass locality, South Darfur, has led to the death of 12 displaced.

A Deleig North camp resident told Radio Dabanga that the torrents also led to the destruction of 570 homes in the two Deleig camps for the displaced.

04 Sep 2014 description

Enhanced rains continued over western Ethiopia, eastern Sudan and eastern South Sudan

Africa Weather Hazards

  1. Below-average rains during the Belg season and a late onset of the Kiremt rains have led to persistent moisture deficits, which have delayed planting and negatively affected the development of already-planted crops over the Arsi and West Arsi zones in central Oromia of central Ethiopia.

02 Sep 2014 description
report Radio Dabanga

KASS LOCALITY / ZAMZAM CAMP(2 Sep.) -Three residents of the Kass camps in South Darfur died, and eight others went missing during heavy downpours on Sunday. More than 6,000 homes collapsed in Ardeba, El Beitari, Dobo, and El Safna camps.

Speaking to Radio Dabanga, the coordinator of the Kass camps reported that three displaced were killed, eight others went missing, and a number of livestock died, as a result of extremely heavy rainfall and the ensuing floods on Sunday evening.

01 Sep 2014 description

Rainfall expected to alleviate some dryness in Central America and Haiti

Africa Weather Hazards

  1. Below-average rains during the Belg season and a late onset of the Kiremt rains have led to persistent moisture deficits, which have delayed planting and hurt the development of already-planted crops over the Arsi and West Arsi areas of central Ethiopia.

31 Aug 2014 description
report Radio Dabanga

CENTRAL DARFUR / NORTH DARFUR (31 Aug.) -Torrents and floods destroyed thousands of homes in the Nierteti camps for the displaced in Central Darfur last week.

“Heavy rains and floods destroyed more than 2,000 homes entirely in the two camps in Nierteti in the past week. At least 3,000 houses were damaged, a resident of Nierteti camp North told Radio Dabanga.

She said that the affected are now living in the open, and urged relief organisations to intervene, and provide tarpaulins and tents.

North Darfur camps