Paraguay: Floods - May 2014

Disaster description

Heavy rainfall over Paraguay starting in May 2014 caused rivers to overflow, resulting in serious flooding. As of 12 Jun, almost 160,000 people were affected, most of them in Ñeembucú, Asunción, Presidente Hayes, and Alto Paraguay. Three departments (Alto Paraguay, Presidente Hayes, and Ñeembucú) and five districts (Asunción, Ayolas, Ciudad del Este, Presidente Franco, and Concepción) declared a state of emergency. In the Paraguay river basin, central Paraguay, Asunción was among the worst affected towns. Nearly 150,000 people were evacuated to temporary shelters. (ACAPS, 17 Jun 2014)

By the end of July, about 88,205 people remained displaced in Asuncion. The number of affected people countrywide has decreased from 245,000 to 220,000. The Paraguay River’s overflowing level is slowly receding. (ECHO, 31 Jul 2014)

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