Bolivia: Floods and Landslides - Jan 2014

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Heavy seasonal rains starting in January 2014 triggered floods and landslides in several departments across Bolivia, affecting at least 21,000 families. The Government declared a national state of emergency on 27 Jan (Gov, 27 Jan 2014).

By 20 Feb, 58,040 families in all of the country's nine departments had been affected and 56 people had died. About 36,726 hectares of crops are reported as damaged since the floods started. The most affected ones are corn and vegetable crops—the main product in the country. About 7,000 families require the provision of safe water in shelters, as well as health and hygiene promotion services. (IFRC, 20 Feb 2014)

As of 10 Mar, about 68,000 families had been affected and 64 deaths had been reported. Approximately 10,000 families had been displaced from their homes. In Beni, over 4,000 familias (20,190 people) were staying in 99 shelters/camps. (UNCT, 10 Mar 2014)

By the end of July, most displaced people had returned to their homes (UNCT, 22 Jul 2014. The third and last WFP food distribution had started and was to go on until the second week of August (WFP, 25 Jul 2014).

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