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09 Dec 2014 description

Global action to tackle climate change is being discussed through 12 December at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP20) in Lima, Peru. In Latin America, projects supported by the European Commission's Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection department (ECHO) focused on preparedness help mitigate the effects already taking place - often small projects with huge impact. Our colleague Ruth Silva shares the story of a Brazilian city's preparedness for future climate-related events, and how it's saving lives.

11 Jul 2014 description

Geneva, 11 July 2014 (WMO) - Weather, climate and water-related disasters are on the rise worldwide, causing loss of life and setting back economic and social development by years, if not decades. From 1970 to 2012, 8 835 disasters, 1.94 million deaths, and US$ 2.4 trillion of economic losses were reported globally as a result of hazards such as droughts, extreme temperatures, floods, tropical cyclones and related health epidemics, according to a new report.

02 Jul 2014 description
report ACT Alliance

Funds Sent To: Lutheran Foundation of Diaconia - FLD

Amount Sent: US$ 59,972

Date: 1 July 2014

Details of Response

Emergency: Floods in Indigenous territories in Brazil

Date of Emergency: 16 June onwards

ACT Requesting Member(s): Lutheran Foundation of Diaconia - FLD


22 Apr 2014 description
report UNOSAT

This service summarizes current satellite mapping activities of interest to GDACS stakeholders. It is issued weekly and based on contributions from map-producing entities and GDACS partners.


South Sudan complex emergency – Glide number: OT-2014-000001-SSD

17 Apr 2014 description
report Inter Press Service

By Mario Osava

RIO DE JANEIRO, Apr 16 2014 (IPS) - Deforestation, especially in the Andean highlands of Bolivia and Peru, was the main driver of this year’s disastrous flooding in the Madeira river watershed in Bolivia’s Amazon rainforest and the drainage basin across the border, in Brazil.

That is the assessment of Marc Dourojeanni, professor emeritus at the National Agrarian University in Lima, Peru.

11 Apr 2014 description
report Inter Press Service

Por Mario Osava

RÍO DE JANEIRO, 10 abr 2014 (IPS) - La deforestación, especialmente en los Andes de Bolivia y Perú, es lo que más eriza las inundaciones en la cuenca del río Madeira, que este año adquirieron rango de catástrofe en la Amazonia boliviana y en su desaguadero brasileño.

27 Mar 2014 description

Floods continue to affect Rondônia state in Brazil, adjacent to the Bolivian border. National media report that the number of affected people in Porto Velho and 15 other districts along the Madeira river is approaching 20 000. According to the same sources, the level of the river on 24 March reached a historic record height of 19.52m. Large swaths of land and parts of national roads can be seen flooded in photos and videos of the area. Optical and microwave satellite observations elaborated by NASA/DFO and JRC respectively show also moderate flooding along Madeira.

12 Mar 2014 description

Floods in Beni arrive to Brazil; emergency state is declared. Acre and Madeira Rivers, which run across Acre and Rondonia states, have considerably increased their flow as a result of heavy rainfall registered in the area during the last weeks.

15 Jan 2014 description

BRAZIL – Severe Weather

• Heavy rains resulted in the overflowing of river Palmital in São Paulo state on 12 January.

• As of 14 January (national news agency): twelve dead and eight missing in the municipality of Itaóca, over 300 people displaced, power and transportation networks damaged and 100 houses affected (19 of which destroyed); 50 homes damaged by floods in the town of Apiaí.

• As of 15 January (INMET), heavy rains may still affect parts of São Paulo state in the next 24 h.
National Media (1, 2), INMET, NOAA

15 Jan 2014 description

ECUADOR – Severe Weather

• Heavy rains and landslides reported in Coastal and Sierra regions; three people killed, 37 injured. Serious material damage to homes and public infrastructure reported. (ECHO)

08 Jan 2014 description

BRAZIL: Heavy rainfall affected the states of Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo in the 2nd half of December 2013. A total of 45 people have died and more than 70 000 have been displaced.

06 Jan 2014 description
report Redhum

Brasil, 04 de Enero 2014

Fuente: Europa Press
Link Redhum: http://www.redhum.org/noticia_detail/41090
Link Bitly: http://bit.ly/1bIwkK6

Un total de 43.204 personas no han podido todavía regresar a sus casas en el estado brasileño de Espíritu Santo debido a las fuertes lluvias que han causado graves indundaciones, que ya han provocado 24 muertos.

05 Jan 2014 description


  • BRASIL: Las autoridades del estado de Espirito Santo estiman en US$450 millones las tareas de reconstrucción, después de las inundaciones.

  • ANTILLAS MENORES: OCHA asignó un total de $85,000 en fondos de emergencia para Santa Lucia, Dominica y San Vicente y las Granadinas.

  • BOLIVIA: Unas 20,000 personas fueron afectadas por inundaciones y granizadas durante diciembre de 2013. Varios departamentos están en alerta.

05 Jan 2014 description


 BRAZIL: Authorities from the state of Espirito Santo estimate that US$450 million will be necessary for post-flooding reconstruction efforts

 LESSER ANTILLES: OCHA allocated a total of $85,000 in emergency funds for Saint Lucia, Dominica and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

 BOLIVIA: Some 20,000 people were affected by floods and hailstorms in December 2013. Several departments remain on alert.

 EL SALVADOR: A second evacuation was necessary. 3,000 people were displaced and 220 are still in shelters.

31 Dec 2013 description


  • Los desastres ocurridos en el cuarto trimestre de 2013 (octubre, noviembre y diciembre) afectaron a unas 699,020 personas. La Sequía e inundaciones fueron los mayores desastres.

  • El Dengue en América Latina y el Caribe ha afectado a más de 2.2 millones de personas y dejado unas 1,000 muertes en 2013.
    América Central, República Dominicana y Paraguay han sido gravemente impactados.

31 Dec 2013 description


  • Disasters in the reporting period affected 699,020 people. Drought and flooding were the biggest disasters.

  • Dengue in Latin America and the Caribbean affected more than 2.2 million people and killed 1,000 in 2013. Central America, the Dominican Republic and Paraguay were the most severely affected.

  • OCHA allocated US$2.5 million in CERF funds to assist people affected by drought in Bolivia, and $85,000 in emergency funds to assist those affected by heavy rainfall in the Lesser Antilles.

30 Dec 2013 description


  • EL SALVADOR: The Chaparrastique volcano errupts, some 1,400 people have been evacuated.

  • BRASIL: More than 70,000 have been evacuated due to flooding in the states of Espirito Santo and Minas Gerais.

  • SANTA LUCIA, SAN VICENTE & GRANADINAS Y DOMINICA: Affected by rains, at least 11 people have died

30 Dec 2013 description


  • EL SALVADOR: El Volcán Chaparrastique hace erupción, unas 1,400 personas están evacuadas.

  • BRASIL: Más de 70,000 personas evacuadas por inundaciones en los estados de Espirito Santo y Minas Gerais.

  • SANTA LUCIA, SAN VICENTE & GRANADINAS Y DOMINICA: Afectadas por lluvias, al menos 11 personas han muerto.

30 Dec 2013 description
report Redhum

Bolivia, 29 de Diciembre 2013

Fuente: Entorno Inteligente - VE

Link Redhum: http://www.redhum.org/noticia_detail/40998

Link Bitly: http://bit.ly/19uW2C9

El número de muertos por las inundaciones y deslizamientos de tierras originados por las intensas lluvias en el estado brasileño de Minas Gerais aumentó hasta 21, confirmó la Defensa Civil. Se anunció envío de ayuda humanitaria, agua potable, alimentos, mantas y colchones.

30 Dec 2013 description
report Redhum

Brasil, 28 de Diciembre 2013

Fuente: El Deber - BO

Link Redhum: http://www.redhum.org/noticia_detail/40988

Link Bitly: http://bit.ly/19r75vV

Tras dos semanas de temporales

La presidenta Dilma Rousseff prometió ayer mejorar los sistemas de alerta para proteger a las personas de las inclemencias del tiempo. Hasta ayer se reportaron oficialmente 40 muertos