Somalia: Floods - Nov 2013

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Seasonal rains started at the end of September 2013 across Somalia, contributing to flooding, especially in and around Jowhar town in Middle Shabelle region, where flooding had already started in mid-August due to rains in the Ethiopian highlands, the source of the Shabelle River. Heavy downpours in October and early November exacerbated the flooding in Jowhar district and parts of neighbouring Balcad district. (OCHA, 18 Nov 2013)

A joint multi-cluster rapid assessment mission carried out from 7-10 Nov identified 33 villages affected by the flooding and corroborated the approximately 11,000 households displaced reported by the local authorities, while FSNAU had a more conservative number of 7,000 household distributed along 28 villages (OCHA, 17 Nov 2013).

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