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01 Apr 2014 description

Syria: Violence continues with government forces shelling areas recently gained by opposition fighters in Lattakia province, along the western Turkish border. In the northeast, aid convoys have crossed from Turkey, enabling relief agencies to deliver assistance to communities in need at the border area. In a further political development, the Turkish government stated its readiness to launch cross-border military operations in Syria if its national security was threatened.

11 Mar 2014 description

Syria: Violence continues, with opposition infighting in the northwest and heavy clashes across large parts of the country, including Rural Damascus. While several military ceasefires have allowed some access to besieged areas, insecurity continues to interrupt aid distribution, and access to Ar-Raqqa, Deir-ez-Zor and areas around the capital remains highly constrained. To date, over nine million people are estimated to have been displaced by the crisis, at least 2.5 million of whom have crossed into neighbouring countries.

04 Mar 2014 description

Syria: Violence is ongoing across the country, with rebel infighting in the northwest and renewed clashes in parts of Damascus. While several military ceasefires have allowed some access in besieged areas, insecurity continues to interrupt aid distribution, and access remains highly constrained from Damascus to Rural Aleppo, where 1.25 million people are estimated to be in need of food assistance. To date, over 9 million people have been displaced by the crisis, 2.5 million of whom have crossed into neighbouring countries.

07 Jan 2014 description

South Sudan: Ethnic violence which erupted in mid-December in the capital Juba has now spread northwards and is ongoing in several parts of the country. Three weeks of fighting have left at least 1,000 people dead and displaced over 200,000. As government troops advanced on rebel-held cities in the northeast, peace talks between the Government of South Sudan and a delegation representing former Vice-President Machar, have started in Ethiopia. Meanwhile, discussions between Khartoum and Juba regarding the protection of the oil fields in southern South Sudan are also underway.

21 Oct 2013 description


 The situation in the 306 remaining IDP camps, where some 171,974 persons still live, is a cause for concern. Some IDPs are increasingly facing threats of forced eviction, while others grapple with inadequate protection services and health and sanitation conditions.

 Upsurge in new cholera infections, with 5,600 cases reported for the month of September against 5, 300 in August.

 Recurrent floods reported in the Artibonite and Centre departments. Over 600 families affected in Grande Saline. They need basic emergency supplies.

21 Oct 2013 description


  • La situation reste toujours préoccupante dans les 306 camps de déplacés restants où quelque 171 974 personnes, dont certaines menacées d’éxpulsion forcée, vivent dans des conditions sécuritaires et sanitaires inadéquates.

  • La tendance de l’épidémie est toujours à la hausse, avec 5 600 cas rapportés pour le mois de septembre contre 5 300 au mois d’août.

15 Oct 2013 description

Snapshot 08 – 15 October

In Syria, heavy fighting is ongoing in Rural Damascus, Dar’a, Aleppo, Idleb and Homs, with government forces making gains in Rural Damascus while the opposition has won ground in Dar’a. Despite the call of al-Qaeda’s leader for opposition fighters to unite, inter-group fighting has escalated in Aleppo over control for neighbourhoods. Meanwhile, the Syrian National Council announced that it did not intend to participate in the proposed Geneva II peace talks.

08 Oct 2013 description

In Syria, heavy fighting along the border with Jordan in the southern province of Dar’a is on-going. After a week-long battle in Aleppo, the Government army regained control of the strategic town of Khanasser which is located on a key supply route between central Syria and Aleppo. Meanwhile, ground fighting is ongoing across Syria, with clashes extending to the previously relatively stable governorate of Tartous.

30 Sep 2013 description

In Syria, heavy fighting continues between the Government and opposition groups as well as infighting within the opposition. Against this background, the UN Security Council endorsed the Russia-US agreement on the elimination of Syria’s chemical stockpile. There are now over 2.1 million Syrian refugees in neighbouring countries. As of 27 September, heavy shelling is preventing an estimated 70,000 Syrian refugees from crossing into Jordan, leading them to face severe food insecurity as they remain stranded on the border.

16 Sep 2013 description

Snapshot 09 – 16 September

In Syria, heavy fighting continues, with air-strikes on opposition controlled areas in Damascus and on-going offensives in Aleppo, Rural Damascus, Idleb, Homs and Al-Hasakeh. Meanwhile, after three days of talks in Geneva, US Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov reached an agreement on a disarmament proposal under which Syria’s stockpiles of chemical weapons are to be eliminated by mid-2014. The Syrian Minister for Information has indicated that Syria will abide by the terms set out in the plan.

02 Sep 2013 description

In Syria, intensive fighting continued in Aleppo, Ar-Raqqa, Rural Damascus and Homs. Intensive clashes which ignited at the start of the month between Government and opposition groups in the governorate of Lattakia appeared however to have ceased. At the start of the week, the US warned that a military strike against Syria was imminent, following the alleged use of chemical weapons near Damascus on 21 August. By the end of the week, President Obama indicated that he would seek congressional approval of the Congress before undertaking such an action.

26 Aug 2013 description

In Syria, fighting continued in Aleppo, Al-Hasakeh, Dar’a, Damascus, Deir-ez-Zor, Hama, Homs, Idleb, Rural Damascus and Quneitra. A large-scale chemical weapons attack in Ghouta killed hundreds of people, according to opposition groups that blamed the Government on 21 August. After some delay, Damascus allowed UN inspectors to visit the site of the alleged chemical attack while denying being behind the assault. Meanwhile, over 1.9 million Syrians have been registered with UNHCR or are awaiting registration in neighboring countries.

19 Aug 2013 description

Snapshot 12 – 19 August

In Syria, fighting between governmental forces and opposition groups has been concentrated in Aleppo, Deir-ez-Zor, Homs, Lattakia and Rural Damascus this week. Meanwhile, infighting is ongoing within the opposition. As during previous weeks, FSA forces have clashed with Islamist opposition groups on multiple occasions while Kurdish groups continued to fight with Islamist groups in the north of the country. The mass influx of Syrian refugees to neighbouring countries is ongoing. As of 19 August, over 1.9 million Syrians had fled the country.

12 Aug 2013 description

In Syria, large-scale fighting between opposition and Government forces has been reported across Al-Hassakeh, Ar-Raqqa, Homs, Aleppo, and especially Lattakia and Damascus governorates. Increasing strife between combatants of the FSA and al-Qaeda affiliated Islamic fighters continue to also be reported, especially around Aleppo and its countryside. In addition, as clashes increased between Kurdish armed groups and fighters of the ISIS, the President of Iraqi Kurdistan openly floated the idea of staging an intervention in Syria to support fellow Kurds.

07 Aug 2013 description

(Port-au-Prince, 06 août 2013) : Le Gouvernement d’Haïti et l’Organisation des Nations Unies lancent ce 06 août le Plan d’action humanitaire (PAH) révisé 2013. Ce document constitue un appel en direction de la communauté internationale pour une aide d’urgence en faveur de près de deux millions d’Haïtiens en proie de la faim, l’épidémie de choléra et les diverses catastrophes naturelles à répétition qui ont frappé le pays et qui continuent de perturber la vie des populations les plus vulnérables.

04 Aug 2013 description

Planifier la prévention, préparer l’alerte et organiser la réponse sont autant de défis à affronter durant cette période cyclonique. En Artibonite, où les inondations meurtrières sont fréquentes, autorités locales et partenaires internationaux sont à pied d’œuvre.

16 Jul 2013 description


On 7 July 2013, the National Hurricane Center (NHC) produced a weather outlook on a tropical wave which later developed into Tropical Storm Chantal over the central tropical Atlantic Ocean moving speedily in a west-northwestward direction towards the Lesser Antilles. Tropical Storm warnings and watches were in effect for many of the islands of the Lesser Antilles.

12 Jul 2013 description

Apres avoir perdu de son intensité, Chantal a atteint Haïti sous la forme d’une onde tropicale bien moins dévastatrice qu’une tempête ou un cyclone.