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07 Jan 2014 description

South Sudan: Ethnic violence which erupted in mid-December in the capital Juba has now spread northwards and is ongoing in several parts of the country. Three weeks of fighting have left at least 1,000 people dead and displaced over 200,000. As government troops advanced on rebel-held cities in the northeast, peace talks between the Government of South Sudan and a delegation representing former Vice-President Machar, have started in Ethiopia. Meanwhile, discussions between Khartoum and Juba regarding the protection of the oil fields in southern South Sudan are also underway.

26 Sep 2013 description



Generally the food security situation in 2013 for most parts of the Region remained stable or slightly improved due to the positive effects of the three consecutive rains (deyr and gu) on pasture and water availability that sustained good to average livestock conditions, improved terms of trade due to the declining trend in relief cereal prices and improved livestock prices.

01 Aug 2013 description

Food security improved in the southern and southeastern parts of the country


• Belg-producing areas of Amhara, Tigray, and parts of Oromia Regions will continue in Crisis (IPC Phase 3) through September primarily due to poor Belg crop production caused by the delayed onset and below normal total rainfall in many areas, especially in the Northeast, long dry spells during the rains, the early cessation of the Belg rains, and armyworminfestations in some areas.

18 Jul 2013 description
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27 Jun 2013 description

The delayed Belg harvest prolongs lean season in southern and eastern Belg-producing areas


• Following a three- to four-week delayed onset of the rains which delayed planting and crop development, Belg crops will likely not be harvested until mid-July in southern and eastern Belg-producing areas instead of mid-June. The delayed harvest prevents the timely planting of short-cycle Meher crops on the same land.

27 Jun 2013 description


  • Polio immunisation campaigns continue as new cases reported in Horn of Africa

  • Measles and Yellow Fever vaccinations underway in Ethiopia

  • The number of food insecure in the region has halved since the drought crisis

  • Chronic vulnerability remains with hunger-related deaths reported in Karamoja region of Uganda

  • Inter-communal conflict persists in Kenya

  • New influx of 20,000 South Sudanese reported in Kenya, Ethiopia and Uganda in 2013

26 Jun 2013 description
  • Locusts have infested a wide portion of western Madagascar, threatening the livelihoods of millions of people.
  • Reduced rain was observed along the Gulf of Guinea, while heavy rain fell over South Sudan during the past week.

1) Since the beginning of May, intermittent and insufficient rains have increased rainfall deficits over parts of north central Nigeria. Scattered, moderate to heavy showers are forecast over the region during the next outlook period; but they may not be sufficient to fully overcome accumulated deficits.

18 Jun 2013 description
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Horn of Africa - version 2
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Operational guidance Ethiopia
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Operational guidance Somalia


In order to match the needs and current context in Somalia, it was decided to enable a transfer of EUR 11 700 000 form the Food Aid Budget Line to the Humanitarian Aid Budget Line.

This change aims at better reflecting the funding allocation to various planned Actions, following a thorough selection of partners and related proposals for Somalia.

Final allocation: (see attached report)

16 Jun 2013 description

Political and Security


There continue to be security-related incidents in Mogadishu.


The security situation in Bari, Nugaal, Sool and Sanaag regions remained calm but unpredictable with reports of shootings and other forms of reported crimes.

13 Jun 2013 description

The March to May rains ended with generally favorable crop and livestock production prospects


• Cumulative March to May rainfall amounts were normal to above normal in most of East Africa. In particular, the rains were 200 to 400 percent above average in parts of southern and central Somalia, southeastern Ethiopia, localized areas of central Kenya, and northeastern Tanzania.

05 Jun 2013 description

An insufficient rain since the start of the season has resulted in abnormal dryness across parts of northern Nigeria.

1) Despite an increase in rainfall since mid-April, the delayed onset or seasonal rainfall has led to unfavorable ground conditions for the northeastern Belg-producing areas of Ethiopia. The erratic nature of the seasonal rains has negatively impacted cropping activities, likely resulting in below-average crop yields.

03 Jun 2013 description

Snapshot 27 May – 03 June

In Syria, the government military continued its offensive on opposition-controlled Qusayr, a strategic city in Homs province connecting the capital to the Mediterranean coast. Humanitarian agencies expressed alarm over the fate of thousands of civilians still trapped in the city. The UN estimates that over 6.8 million people are in need of humanitarian aid in Syria. While an estimated 5 million people are internally displaced, the number of Syrians registered or awaiting registration in host countries has surpassed 1.6 million.

31 May 2013 description

Favorable March to May rains expected to improve food security in many areas


30 May 2013 description

Below average Belg production is expected in the northeastern parts of the country


• The delayed onset, erratic distribution, and below average rainfall totals of the February to May 2013 Belg rains in eastern areas of Amhara and Tigray Regions have led to well below average planted area for Belg crops and poor crop performance. As a result, the Belg harvest in June/July is expected to be well below average. Poor households in these areas will not receive much, if any, new supply of food between now and September 2013.

29 May 2013 description

Thirty-day rainfall surpluses continue to grow across western Ethiopia and western South Sudan

1) Poorly distributed and significantly below average seasonal rainfall has resulted in deteriorating ground conditions since January. This has negatively impacted crops and livestock throughout many parts of southern Angola and northern Namibia.

27 May 2013 description


  • Unfavourable prospects for secondary “belg” season crops

  • Prices of cereals increase in most markets following the seasonal trend

  • Food security declines in belg-dependant areas as the lean season reaches its peak

  • Number of hosted refugees, two thirds of them from Somalia, reaches record level of about 400 000 people