Afghanistan: Floods and Landslides - Feb 2013

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In the first week of February 2013, heavy rain and snowfall across Afghanistan caused considerable damage, leaving 10 people dead and hundreds of houses destroyed. More than 1,200 families were displaced. Areas in the Central and Western Regions are among the worst hit. (OCHA, 10 Feb 2013)

By the end of February, more than 1,600 families had been affected, 26 people had been killed, and about 425 homes had been damaged or destroyed in 15 of Afghanistan's 34 provinces. (USAID, 28 Feb 2013)

As of mid-April, over 70 weather-related incidents have been recorded throughout Afghanistan (IOM Weekly Summary Reports).

Heavy rain and flash floods starting on 24 Apr killed at least 17 people in the northern Balkh province. Hundreds of homes and thousands of acres of agricultural lands were destroyed. Submerged roads hamper the relief operations in the affected areas. (ECHO, 25 Apr 2013)

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