Zambia: Floods - Jan 2013

Disaster description

Heavy rain caused flooding in Zambia from 17 Jan to 13 Feb 2013, with Mumbwa district in the central province being the worst hit. Agricultural fields, infrastructure and property were damaged and destroyed. Drinking water was contaminated by flood waters. About 1,800 people were affected. (IFRC, 17 Apr 2013)

ZRCS distributed relief items to the targeted beneficiaries and carried out hygiene promotion activities. This was aimed at reducing the vulnerability of 300 flood-affected households in Mumbwa district and to reduce the risk of water-borne and water-related diseases. ZRCS also conducted post-distribution monitoring to evaluate the distribution method as well receive feedback from the beneficiaries on the operation.

The three month operation was extended until the end of July to allow for a DREF review of the operation and a lessons learned workshop. (IFRC Final Report, 29 Nov 2013)

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