Indonesia: Floods - Jan 2013

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Starting on 16 Jan 2013, heavy trains triggered extensive flooding in the greater Jakarta area. As of 22 Jan, 29 people had been killed and over 37,000 people had been displaced. (OCHA, 22 Jan 2013)

As the rain intensity decreased and the flood water receded, the number of displaced people dropped to 4,599 by 25 Jan. Most of evacuation sites were closed as people had returned home. (OCHA, 25 Jan 2013)

Heavy rains continued to trigger floods and landslides in February and March, but on a smaller scale. Over 67,000 people were affected, with 22 killed or missing. Over 10,000 houses were damaged. (OCHA, 31 Mar 2013).

Although Indonesia started transitioning from the wet season to the dry season in April, there was an increase in temperature of Indonesian sea water causing more frequent and more intense rainfall, prolonging a wet season already characterized by heavy rainfall and flooding. Floods, landslides and whirlwinds were the cause of 117 casualties and affected over 220,000 people in April and May. (OCHA, 31 May 2013)

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