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23 Dec 2016 description

2015 Annual Narrative Report of IASC Gender Standby Capacity Project

Project Overview and Management

Overview of the GenCap Project

The GenCap Project is as an inter-agency resource, which was established in 2007 under the Inter Agency Standing Committee (IASC) Sub-Working Group on Gender and Humanitarian Action (now the Gender Reference Group and Humanitarian Action). The Project aims to support humanitarian actors mainstream gender through three pillars:

  • Deployment of senior gender experts;

09 Dec 2016 description
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Full Report
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Facts & Figures

Plus de 12 millions de personnes déplacées à l’intérieur de leur propre pays en Afrique, selon le nouveau rapport de l’IDMC

09 Dec 2016 description
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Facts & Figures

The Africa Report on Internal Displacement, launched with the support from the African Union and the Norwegian Refugee Council, is the first IDMC’s report focusing on a single continent. The report expands on data and analysis available in our annual Global Report on Internal Displacement including new figures from the first half of 2016.

Africa Report at a glance

On the Radar: Africa’s Internal Displacement Crisis

New Displacement

13 Feb 2014 description


  • The 2012/13 rainfall season was erratic, with torrential rainfall early in the season followed by dry conditions over parts of the region.

  • Insufficient rains and droughtlike conditions in the west and south-west of the region led to a poor agricultural season and death of livestock, resulting in heightened food insecurity.

  • Armyworm and red locust outbreaks in Southern Africa, although largely contained, may lead to secondary outbreaks this year.

10 Dec 2013 description
DIPECHO Southern Africa and Indian Ocean - version
Technical Annex

The activities proposed hereafter are still subject to the adoption of the financing decision ECHO/WWD/BUD/2014/01000

AMOUNT: EUR 7 000 000

03 Dec 2013 description

Summary: CHF 326,090 was allocated from the IFRC’s Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) on 7 February 2013 to support Malawi Red Cross Society (MRCS) in delivering assistance over 3 months to some 1,600 families affected by floods in the district of Mangochi.

However, after verification of those registered as beneficiaries, MRCS reduced the number of targeted families to 1,421 families. This reduction was coordinated and supported by the District Commissioner’s office. MRCS’s response was in line with the directive from the DC’s office.

03 Oct 2013 description

Unusually low maize market supplies; atypical price increases persist for second year in a row


06 Sep 2013 description


  • The final round of crop estimates published in August 2013 does not foresee a production surplus. If this assumption remains correct, the food security situation could become even more critical than expected by MVAC, and more people will be food insecure towards the lean season.

  • The inflation rate in the country is currently standing at 25.2 percent and the market prices for basic food commodities are continuing to increase.

02 Sep 2013 description

In Syria, intensive fighting continued in Aleppo, Ar-Raqqa, Rural Damascus and Homs. Intensive clashes which ignited at the start of the month between Government and opposition groups in the governorate of Lattakia appeared however to have ceased. At the start of the week, the US warned that a military strike against Syria was imminent, following the alleged use of chemical weapons near Damascus on 21 August. By the end of the week, President Obama indicated that he would seek congressional approval of the Congress before undertaking such an action.

02 Sep 2013 description

Stressed food insecurity in localized areas persists as maize prices increase across the country


• Poor households in areas where the harvest was affected by flooding, prolonged dry spells, and early cessation of rainfall are expected to run out of their food stocks by the end of August. Households in these localized areas in the northern, central, and southern regions of the country are currently facing Stressed acute food insecurity (IPC Phase 2) outcomes.

26 Aug 2013 description

In Syria, fighting continued in Aleppo, Al-Hasakeh, Dar’a, Damascus, Deir-ez-Zor, Hama, Homs, Idleb, Rural Damascus and Quneitra. A large-scale chemical weapons attack in Ghouta killed hundreds of people, according to opposition groups that blamed the Government on 21 August. After some delay, Damascus allowed UN inspectors to visit the site of the alleged chemical attack while denying being behind the assault. Meanwhile, over 1.9 million Syrians have been registered with UNHCR or are awaiting registration in neighboring countries.

19 Aug 2013 description

Snapshot 12 – 19 August

In Syria, fighting between governmental forces and opposition groups has been concentrated in Aleppo, Deir-ez-Zor, Homs, Lattakia and Rural Damascus this week. Meanwhile, infighting is ongoing within the opposition. As during previous weeks, FSA forces have clashed with Islamist opposition groups on multiple occasions while Kurdish groups continued to fight with Islamist groups in the north of the country. The mass influx of Syrian refugees to neighbouring countries is ongoing. As of 19 August, over 1.9 million Syrians had fled the country.

12 Aug 2013 description

In Syria, large-scale fighting between opposition and Government forces has been reported across Al-Hassakeh, Ar-Raqqa, Homs, Aleppo, and especially Lattakia and Damascus governorates. Increasing strife between combatants of the FSA and al-Qaeda affiliated Islamic fighters continue to also be reported, especially around Aleppo and its countryside. In addition, as clashes increased between Kurdish armed groups and fighters of the ISIS, the President of Iraqi Kurdistan openly floated the idea of staging an intervention in Syria to support fellow Kurds.

09 Aug 2013 description

Regional Summary

♦ The Regional cereal harvest for 2013 is estimated at 35.11 million tonnes, representing a 0.2% increase over the 35.02 harvested in 2012. However, this year’s estimated Regional cereal production is 5% above the average Regional cereal production for the last five years (Table 1).

♦ The Region (excluding DRC, Madagascar and Seychelles) has recorded an overall cereal deficit of 3.93 million tonnes, which is almost equal to the 3.98 million tonnes deficit recorded during the 2012/13 marketing year (Table 3 & 4)

05 Aug 2013 description

In Syria, Government forces are advancing in Homs and expected to retake opposition-held districts in the short-term, while operations have been ongoing in other major cities, including Aleppo and Damascus. Meanwhile, infighting within opposition forces is spreading between various armed groups. Clashes are continuously reported between Kurdish fighters and al-Qaeda affiliated Islamists near the border with Turkey in Al-Hassakeh and Ar-Raqqa governorates.

02 Aug 2013 description

Poor crop production in localized areas and high food prices likely to result in food security Crisis


02 Aug 2013 description

Background and Context

The Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security 2012/13 Third Round Agricultural Production Estimates Survey (APES) is indi-cating that the country will register some increases in produc-tion in most of the crops except for wheat, potatoes and cotton. Cotton production has decreased drastically (31%) be-cause of the late delivery of inputs (seed and pesticides) and water logging conditions that affected some parts of country.