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28 May 2014 description

Brussels, 7.5.2014
C(2014) 3129 final


Having regard to the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union,

Having regard to Council Decision 2013/759/EU of 12 December 2013 regarding transitional EDF management measures from 1 January 2014 until the entry into force of the 11th European Development Fund1 , ('Bridging Facility'), and in particular Article 2 thereof,

03 Jun 2013 description

Snapshot 27 May – 03 June

In Syria, the government military continued its offensive on opposition-controlled Qusayr, a strategic city in Homs province connecting the capital to the Mediterranean coast. Humanitarian agencies expressed alarm over the fate of thousands of civilians still trapped in the city. The UN estimates that over 6.8 million people are in need of humanitarian aid in Syria. While an estimated 5 million people are internally displaced, the number of Syrians registered or awaiting registration in host countries has surpassed 1.6 million.

15 May 2013 description
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Critical humanitarian needs for 2013 ( assistance to IDPs, cholera epidemic, food insecurity and malnutrition and natural disasters)

13 May 2013 description
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15% (1.52 million people) in 2012 against 8% (800,000 people) in 2011 face severe food insecurity at national level. 6.6% of children under ve face acute malnutrition.

15% (1.52 million de personnes) en 2013 contre 8% (800,000 personnes) en 2011 en situation d’insécurité alimentaire sévère au niveau national et 6,6% de la population des enfants de moins de cinq ans avec une malnutrition aiguë.

05 Apr 2013 description
report AlterPresse

P-au-P, 3 avril 2013 [AlterPresse] --- Elles sont 750 familles vulnérables de 11 localités de Fonds Verettes (Ouest) à avoir reçu des lots de semences de légumes, de céréales et des outils agricoles, au cours d’une série de distribution effectuée par l’organisation non gouvernementale espagnole Cesal, au cours des deux dernières semaines du mois de mars.

04 Mar 2013 description

Clashes and violence escalated during the past week in Bangladesh, following the sentencing to death of a senior Islamist leader, marking the bloodiest bout of violence since the country’s independence four decades ago.

Continuous rains have caused floods in Agusan del Sur in the Province of Pampanga in the Philippines. Some 49,073 persons were affected as of 27 February.

25 Feb 2013 description

Tropical Depression “Crising” made landfall on the southern tip of Davao del Sur, Philippines, on 19 February moving northwest towards southern Palawan and affecting 262,880 people.

The south-west coast of Madagascar was hit by Tropical Cyclone “Haruna” on 22 February as a Category 2 Tropical Cyclone with wind speeds of 154 km/h to 177 km/h and heavy rains. According to OCHA, as of 23 February 7,330 people were displaced and 10 people were killed. Initial assessments indicate severe damage to houses and infrastructure.

21 Feb 2013 description
report The Guardian

Haiti's farmers need investment in seed banks and water management to help them sell their produce

As well as exporting cash crops such as coffee, cocoa, mangos, breadfruit and potatoes, Haitians rely on 40% of the food produced in the country for local consumption. With this in mind, it's easy to see why last year's dramatic weather patterns and global economic meltdown produced aftershocks as significant and devastating as those of the 2010 earthquake.

18 Feb 2013 description

In Syria, insurgents heightened their offensive to capture airports and air bases in Aleppo, leading to intense fighting across the province. In eastern Syria, rebels captured the town al-Shaddadeh after three days of fighting that left 130 people dead and forced some 40,000 people to flee the town. The number of Syrian refugees continued to rise, amounting to a total of 830,675, an increase of around 38,500 newly registered refugees or individuals awaiting registration in a week.

14 Feb 2013 description
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  • Food insecurity due to the destruction of crops by natural disasters

  • Recurrent natural disasters and the residual consequences of the 2010 earthquake

  • Resurgent localized cholera outbreaks


  1. Food security:
    500,000 of the most vulnerable people receive the support necessary to resolve issues of access, availability and consumption. 73,440 children under five suffering from acute malnutrition are rehabilitated.

14 Jan 2013 description

Last week a cold front with historically low temperatures and extreme weather conditions such as torrential rains and flash floods affected Asia and the Middle East. 420,000 people in China’s southwest Guizhou province, 10,000 in India, 2 million in Bangladesh as well as vulnerable populations in Nepal and Kyrgyzstan were affected by cold temperatures.

07 Jan 2013 description

Seleka rebels in the Central African Republic have taken control of several towns and subsequent fighting has led to displacement and a deterioration of the already precarious humanitarian situation in the country.

21 Dec 2012 description

For many Haitian families who were struggling to recover from a drought and hurricane Isaac, Sandy brought more devastation.

PORT-AU-PRINCE --“I have lost tomatoes, beans and other crops on my three parcels,” says
 Marie-Laurette Remy, a small farmer who makes a living selling her
 harvest and now relies on the emergency food rations she received from the World Food Programme. “My fields were flooded when hurricane Sandy
 hit us.”

20 Dec 2012 description

Humanitarian action in Haiti over the last three years has helped improve the lives of over 1.5 million Haitians. Almost three years after the devastating earthquake in 2010 that cost the lives of 217,300 people and left 2.1 million homeless, humanitarian action has accomplished significant tangible results. From 2010 to 2012, humanitarian actors ensured adequate services to the 1.5 million displaced after the earthquake and helped return or relocate 77% of these people out of camps.

17 Dec 2012 description


  • Les récentes catastrophes ayant affecté la production agricole ont conduit plus de la moitié de la population rurale en insécurité alimentaire.

  • 151 080 810 US $ ; tel est le montant du Cap 2012 révisé à la hausse.

  • Les inondations dans le grand Nord et les Nippes laissent 3 000 personnes en situation d’extrême précarité.

  • Plus de 100 000 nouveaux cas de choléra prévus en 2013.

17 Dec 2012 description

Tropical cyclone Evan hit Samoa and Fiji on 13 and 16 December. As a category 4 storm, Evan caused significant damage to homes and infrastructure on both islands. 3,500 people were evacuated to emergency shelters in Fiji. In Samoa 1,500 were evacuated and 2 killed.Typhoon Bopha (Pablo) made landfall in the southern Philippines on 4 December, carrying winds of up to 160 kilometres an hour.

17 Dec 2012 description


  • The recent disasters affecting agricultural production have resulted in more than half of the rural population facing acute food insecurity.

  • The revised CAP 2012 now amounts to US$151,080,810

  • Floods in the northern departments and Nippes leave 3,000 people in an extremely precarious situation

  • More than 100,000 new cholera cases expected in 2013