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29 Apr 2015 description

Executive summary

This report was commissioned by UNHCR’s Shelter and Settlements Section (SSS).
It combines the findings of two separate evaluations undertaken in Somalia in the latter half of 2014:

1) Shelter response

2) Shelter cluster coordination

10 Jul 2013 description

Foreword by the Humanitarian Coordinator

Dear Colleagues and Humanitarian Partners,

I am pleased to share with you the 2012 Annual Report of the Common Humanitarian Fund (CHF) in Somalia. This report provides an overview of donor contributions and funding allocations made during 2012 and presents a comprehensive set of achievements through the projects implemented by CHF Somalia partners.

06 Feb 2013 description


Rainfall Deyr 2012 rains started as early as in the third dekad of September in most of central and southern regions. The rains advanced to the rest of the areas in October. FSNAU field reports indicated average to above average rains in all livelihoods of Bari, Hiran, Middle Shabelle, Bay and Bakool. Nevertheless, depressed rains were reported in north of Gedo, coastal areas of Lower Shabelle and Lower Juba and parts of Guban, Sool plateau and Nugal valley livelihoods.

04 Feb 2013 description

The number of dead from the Syria conflict continues to rise after new clashes across the country. Two days of severe fighting on 30-31 January in the province of Idlib left 47 people dead. The offensive by the Syrian army against opposition strongholds has continued with attacks and fresh clashes in Southern Damascus, Aleppo, and the city of Homs. The number of Syrian refugees continued to rise over the past week, amounting to a total of 733,196.

28 Jan 2013 description

In Syria the conflict continues to affect large parts of the country with escalating tensions in Homs, Aleppo, Idlib and Damascus provinces. Increased fighting has led to record high levels of new arrivals of refugees in neighbouring countries such as Jordan, where more than 10,000 people arrived between 20 and 24 January alone.

The French-led ground offensive against Islamist rebels in Mali continued on 28 January with armed forces driving Islamic insurgents out of the northern towns of Gao and Timbuktu.

04 Jan 2013 description


  • Insecurity remains driver of displacement although December recorded lowest number of the year.

  • A near average harvest is expected.

  • Health partners curb deadly, but preventable, diseases through mass vaccinations.

17 Dec 2012 description

Tropical cyclone Evan hit Samoa and Fiji on 13 and 16 December. As a category 4 storm, Evan caused significant damage to homes and infrastructure on both islands. 3,500 people were evacuated to emergency shelters in Fiji. In Samoa 1,500 were evacuated and 2 killed.Typhoon Bopha (Pablo) made landfall in the southern Philippines on 4 December, carrying winds of up to 160 kilometres an hour.

13 Dec 2012 description

Cumulative seasonal rainfall deficits grow over parts of the Eastern Horn


06 Dec 2012 description

An earthquake with magnitude 5.6 has hit South Khorasan province in Iran, killing at least eight people and injuring 12. As of 6 December, no further information on the impact is available. Typhoon Bopha has made landfall in the southern Philippines on 4 December, carrying winds of up to 160 kilometres an hour. More than 294,000 people have been affected in seven provinces, according to Government estimates. Severe rains have affected at least 6,500 people in Panama, prompting the Government of Panama to declare a state of emergency for the regions of La Chorrera, Capira and Colón.

04 Dec 2012 description

The Deyr rains ended in most parts of the northern and central regions

28 Nov 2012 description

covering mixed migration events, trends and data for Djibouti, Eritrea/Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Puntland, Somalia, Somaliland and Yemen.


27 Nov 2012 description

In this issue:

  • Regional Food Security Situation and Outlook - Key highlights from the FSNWG meeting November 15th
  • Hotspots to watch
  • Rainfall, flood and El Nino update
  • Market Analysis Sub-Group report on informal, regional trade in food commodities and OXFAM’s experience of engaging markets to promote business development in Turkana.
26 Nov 2012 description


  • Improved food security and nutrition conditions in Eastern Africa

  • More than 60,000 people displaced in the north of Goma as M23 takes over

  • More than 11,000 former Burundian refugees voluntarily repatriated from Tanzania

  • Kenya’s Department of Refugee Affairs allows a two-week refugee registration in Dadaab refugee complex

  • Water trucking operations stopped in Dawe Sarar woreda (Oromia) and Somali Region due to increased rain

26 Nov 2012 description

More than 140,000 have been displaced in the eastern region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, after rebel group M23 gained control over the regional capital Goma and surrounding areas. Heavy fighting between rebels and the military continues to rage nationwide in Syria, primarily in Aleppo, Damascus and Deir al-Zor governorates. A recently published WFP assessment revealed that about 1.3 million people (25% of the total population) are considered food insecure in Kyrgyzstan, due to high food prices.

23 Nov 2012 description

Key highlights from the FSNWG meeting held on October 18, 2012 (FSNWG, 18/10/12)

  • The seasonal harvests have reached both households and markets in the region improving food availability and access. This has caused a decrease in staple food prices and an increase in food security. Between July and August 2012, grain prices declined in the majority of regional markets in Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, South Sudan and Sudan. However, stressed and crisis levels of food insecurity (IPC Phase 2 & 3) persists in many areas.

19 Nov 2012 description

Gaza has been under attack since Wednesday, when Israel launched a military offensive with the declared goal of deterring fighters in the Palestinian enclave from launching rockets into its territory. 84 Palestinians have reportedly been killed. Violence erupted in the eastern provinces of DRC, following a months-long calm, with the rebel group M23 advancing on the regional capital of Goma. Heavy fighting between rebels and the military continues to rage nationwide in Syria, primarily in Idlib, Deir al-Zor, Damascus and Aleppo governorates.

14 Nov 2012 description

Rainfall Performance (5th to 11th Nov. 2012)

  • Wet conditions were maintained in most parts of the country during the last week with many places recording light to moderate rains.

  • Observed river levels have increased along the Juba and Shabelle rivers during the last few days following the rains experienced in the Ethiopian highland and inside Somalia.

Rainfall Forecast (12th to 18th Nov. 2012)

14 Nov 2012 description

The 7-day cumulative satellite rainfall estimate (RFE) image (Map – 1) indicates moderate rains were received within the Juba and Shabelle basins both in Somalia and within the Ethiopian highlands.

The rainfall forecast for the coming week (Map – 2) is pointing towards continued rainfall activities of moderate to heavy rains within the Shabelle and Juba basins both in Ethiopia and Somalia.