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17 Mar 2014 description
report Chosun Ilbo

A South Korean charity will send the biggest consignment of food aid to North Korea since the Park Geun-hye administration took office here.

ChildFund Korea will dispatch about 200 tons of food from Incheon Port on Wednesday morning bound for the North Korean port of Nampo, a spokesman said Tuesday.

The shipment is worth about W200 million (US$1=W1,065) and marks the first in recent years to go beyond medical or nursery supplies for infants.

02 Oct 2013 description

La France aide chaque année de nombreux pays en difficulté. En 2012, les populations syriennes, palestiniennes et maliennes ont été les principaux bénéficiaires de son aide. L’action humanitaire d’État fait partie intégrante de l’action diplomatique de la France. Elle est guidée par les principes fondamentaux d’humanité, d’impartialité, d’indépendance et de neutralité définis par le droit international humanitaire.

15 Jul 2013 description
report Mission East

Despite the harsh words of the past months, everything seems to be ‘business as usual’. This is the feeling when you are inside North Korea, according to Kim Hartzner, Managing Director of the Danish NGO Mission East. He just returned from the country after visiting orphanages and victims of last year’s flooding.

  • The dialogue with the local authorities is open and transparent. They seem sincerely interested in improving people’s lives and are sad when people live in poverty or lose their homes, says Kim Hartzner who returned from North Korea this past weekend.

03 Jun 2013 description

Snapshot 27 May – 03 June

In Syria, the government military continued its offensive on opposition-controlled Qusayr, a strategic city in Homs province connecting the capital to the Mediterranean coast. Humanitarian agencies expressed alarm over the fate of thousands of civilians still trapped in the city. The UN estimates that over 6.8 million people are in need of humanitarian aid in Syria. While an estimated 5 million people are internally displaced, the number of Syrians registered or awaiting registration in host countries has surpassed 1.6 million.

14 May 2013 description

The project started in July 2010 but was suspended during the implementation of emergency operation (EMOP 200266) from April 2011 to June 2012. The PRRO 200114 re-started in July 2012 and will be implemented until June 2013. The project assists about 2.4 million people, mainly children and pregnant and breastfeeding women. In partnership with the DPRK Government, WFP supports 14 factories which produce fortified biscuits and Super Cereals for children and women.

29 Apr 2013 description

Fighting continued unabated throughout Syria, in particular in Hama, Aleppo, Ar-Raqqa, Dar’a, Deir-ez-Zor, Homs, Idleb, Lattakia and around Damascus. 6.8 million people are in need in of humanitarian assistance in the country, 4.25 million people are displaced and over 1.4 million people have fled into neighbouring countries.

22 Apr 2013 description

6.8 million people are in need in of humanitarian assistance in Syria and the UNHCR has defined the crisis as the worst humanitarian disaster since the end of the cold war. 4.25 million people are displaced and over 1.3 million people have fled into neighbouring countries. Fierce fighting continues across the country and cross-border shelling into Lebanon has intensified over the last days.

15 Apr 2013 description

Heavy fighting continued throughout Syria, with shelling reported from all but two of the Governorates in the country. The violence in densely populated places, including Aleppo, Homs, Deir-ez-Zor, Idleb and central Damascus remained intense. More than 400,000 people have fled Syria since 1 January, bringing the total number of Syrian refugees in neighbouring countries to around 1.32 million as of 14 April, according to UNHCR.

08 Apr 2013 description

The situation in Syria continues to revolve around insurgents and Government troops bitterly fighting for the control of the main accesses to the capital Damascus. Meanwhile, the conflict has also intensified around other urban centres such as Aleppo, Homs, Deir-ez-Zor and Idleb. As of 7 April, the overall number of Syrian refugees in the neighbouring countries continued to rise, reaching over 1.25 million people, according to the UNHCR.

02 Apr 2013 description

Heavy fighting continued across Syria over the past week with increased fighting in the capital Damascus. Fierce fighting was reported from the eastern and north-eastern areas of the capital, as well as the Yarmuk Palestinian refugee camp and Qadam district. The month of March was the deadliest in Syria's two-year conflict, with more than 6,000 people killed. The number of Syrian refugees continued to rise, amounting to a total of 1,230,822 as of 2 April, according to UNHCR.

11 Mar 2013 description

On 6 March at least 27 people were killed in a standoff between approximately 200 members of the Royal Sulu Army, an armed Islamic group from the southern Philippines who have occupied the Sabah region in Malaysia since 9 February, and the Government of Malaysia.

In Syria, intense fighting was reported in Raqqa, Homs and Quneitra. The number of Syrian refugees continued to rise, amounting to a total of 1,086,975 as of 11 March.

08 Mar 2013 description

7 de marzo de 2013, Roma - Los primeros pronósticos para la cosecha de trigo de 2013 apuntan a un aumento de la producción hasta los 690 millones de toneladas, un 4,3 por ciento más que en 2012. Esta sería la segunda mayor cosecha de la historia, según el último informe trimestral de Perspectivas de cosechas y situación alimentaria elaborado por la FAO.

07 Mar 2013 description

7 mars 2013, Rome - D'après les premières prévisions, en 2013 la récolte de blé atteindrait 690 millions de tonnes, soit une progression de 4,3 pour cent par rapport à 2012. Le blé s'établirait ainsi comme la deuxième céréale la plus produite au monde, selon le dernier rapport trimestriel de la FAO Perspectives de récoltes et situation alimentaire.

07 Mar 2013 description

7 March 2013, Rome - First forecasts for the 2013 wheat harvest point to production increasing to 690 million tonnes - 4.3 percent up on 2012. This would be the second largest crop on record, according to the latest issue of FAO's quarterly Crop Prospects and Food Situation report.

The production hike is expected mostly in Europe, driven by increased plantings in response to high prices and a recovery in yields in some countries, notably the Russian Federation.

06 Feb 2013 description


CHF 300,969 was allocated from the IFRC’s Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) on August, 2012 to support the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) Red Cross in delivering immediate assistance to some 10,000 beneficiaries and to replenish 2,500 family disaster preparedness stocks.

04 Feb 2013 description

The number of dead from the Syria conflict continues to rise after new clashes across the country. Two days of severe fighting on 30-31 January in the province of Idlib left 47 people dead. The offensive by the Syrian army against opposition strongholds has continued with attacks and fresh clashes in Southern Damascus, Aleppo, and the city of Homs. The number of Syrian refugees continued to rise over the past week, amounting to a total of 733,196.