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30 Apr 2013 description


In 2012, the Red Crescent Society of Kyrgyzstan (RCSK) made maximum efforts and undertook many activities to overcome the consequences of the internal crisis that happened in 2011, and also to restore its image among its partners and the population in general. Although the tension lasted for several months, it has finally been resolved. The concrete activities of restoration, undertaken by the RCSK, were the following.

  • the staff of the National Society were re-instated in their jobs, and acceptable work conditions were ensured;

08 Jan 2013 description


  • Frequent small- to mediumscale disasters occurred throughout the region in 2012.

  • Humanitarian partners in Tajikistan seek $492,969 to help Rasht Valley earthquake-affected people.

  • Kyrgyzstan at risk of food and energy crisis.

  • Over 7,000 ethnic Armenians fled Syria in 2012, but not all are seeking refugee status.

05 Nov 2012 description

Summary: Series of mudflows occurred on the territory of Naryn, Osh, Jalalabad and Batken regions including remote districts throughout April 2013. Food stocks, home properties, livelihoods and infrastructure have been heavily damaged. According to the Kyrgyz Red Crescent assessment a total of more than 2,310 households were affected in Osh, Batken, Jalalabad and Naryn.

17 Oct 2012 description

When Muratbek Koshoev, a Kyrgyz native, joined OCHA’s Regional Office for the Caucasus and Central Asia earlier this year, his country was experiencing an unusually harsh winter and a record number of natural disasters.

Read the full story on the OCHA website

31 Jul 2012 description


  • In April – June 2012, the region received $15 million in humanitarian funding.

  • Figures on Uzbekistan’s and Tajikistan’s outgoing aid released by governments

  • Unusually high number of disasters hit the region

After a long winter, a series of disasters

Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan hit by above-average number of disasters

27 Jun 2012 description

WFP seasonal assistance to the poorest rural communities across the country helps many families cope with the consequences of the harsh winter they had been through. The family of thirty-year old Burulbu Moldomusaeva is among those families who have been worst-hit by the cold season and has benefited from WFP food assistance.

06 Jun 2012 description


  • According to WFP monthly food price monitoring in May 2012, the price of wheat flour continued to decrease and was 38% lower than a year ago. Similarly, the prices of other staple foods such as cabbage, onion, carrot and potatoes were lower than in May 2011 by 42%, 28%, 21% and 10% respectively.

04 May 2012 description

Summary: Kyrgyzstan experienced the harshest winter with unusually low temperatures, heavy snowfalls throughout 2011 and 2012 and high precipitation, which exceeded the annual average by 2 – 2,5 times according to the Hydro Meteo Service of Kyrgyzstan. Snow melting and heavy rains caused mudflows and flash floods across Kyrgyzstan. Food stocks, home properties, livelihoods and infrastructure have been heavily damaged. Series of mudflows occurred on the territory of Naryn, Osh, Jalalabad and Batken regions including remote districts throughout April.

30 Apr 2012 description

This report covers the period 01/01/2011 to 31/12/2011.

In brief

Programme outcome

Programmes of the Red Crescent Society of the Kyrgyz Republic (RCS KR) are aligned with the strategic aims of the Strategy 2020 to save lives, protect livelihoods, and strengthen recovery from disasters and crises; enable healthy and safe living; and promote social inclusion and culture of non-violence and peace. The capacity-building efforts are in line with the enabling action one to build strong National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

Programme summary

27 Apr 2012 description

By RFE/RL's Kyrgyz Service

OSH, Kyrgyzstan -- Reports from southern Kyrgyzstan say floods have destroyed at least 200 houses in the region of Osh.

Local authorities said heavy rains caused large floods and landslides that hit several towns and villages in the region.

Some residents say their houses were heavily damaged and their livestock and pets missing, while dozens of hectares of arable lands are covered with mud.

Farmers say they will need money to clean their corn and wheat fields and replant.

Cleanup work is under way.

16 Apr 2012 description
report EurasiaNet

Villagers in Daroot-Korgon, high in southwest Kyrgyzstan’s Chon-Alai range, can finally see the ground. But following the harshest winter in memory, many herders are facing a struggle to stay on their feet.

29 Mar 2012 description

Kyrgyzstan's parliament has discussed emergency measures to get badly needed supplies to herders in the south of the country, where harsh winter conditions have blocked roads and killed tens of thousands of animals.

Nurlan Sulaymanov of the Ata-Jurt (Fatherland) party said, "To really help the people requires 500,000 tons of hay and 15,000 tons of animal fodder."

Sulaymanov said in the southeastern Chong-Alai region nearly 20,000 animals -- about 33 percent of the herds -- have died already.

21 Mar 2012 description

Heavy snows in the mountains of southern Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan have triggered avalanches and left large sections of both countries cut off.

Kyrgyzstan's Deputy Minister for Emergency Situations Mukanbet Kasymaliev said that all roads are blocked in the Chong Alai district of Osh Province.

"Ground transportation links are gone," Kasymaliev said, adding that basic goods are already in short supply there.

The main highway between Osh and the capital, Bishkek, is also closed in places due to avalanches.