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29 Aug 2012 description


América Latina y el Caribe continúa siendo afectada por desastres naturales. En este periodo destaca los eventos relacionados con lluvias e inundaciones. Unos 11 países fueron afectados por inundaciones, dejando a más de 1,7 millones de personas afectadas y 171 muertos. Brasil, Colombia y Perú encabezan la lista con el mayor número de personas afectadas.

La actividad volcánica en Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala y México obligó a las autoridades a activar los planes de contingencia e intensificar el monitoreo de los volcanes activos en cada país.

29 Aug 2012 description


Latin America and the Caribbean continue to be affected by flood related events in this reporting period. Floods in 11 countries affected more than 1.7 million people and killed 171. Brazil, Colombia and Peru had the highest number of affected people.

Authorities in Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala and Mexico activated contingency plans and intensified monitoring of volcanic activity in their countries.

Low temperatures affected Corrientes Province in Argentina and the Andean highlands in Peru. Local authorities are assisting affected people.

29 May 2012 description


 COLOMBIA: Más de 180,860 afectados por la temporada de lluvias.

 CUBA: Más de 8,500 personas fueron evacuadas por lluvias.

 BRASIL: Gobierno decreta estado de emergencia en 99 municipios de Pernambuco por sequía.

23 May 2012 description

23/05/2012 - The European Commission’s Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection department (ECHO) has just released €5 million to assist people affected by severe flooding in South America, particularly in Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Ecuador, Colombia and Brazil.

An estimated 1.2 million people have been affected by heavy rains and flooding throughout the region. Hundreds of thousands of farmers lost their crops, and many families have been forced to flee their homes due to the high water and landslides. Entire areas are still submerged under water.

22 May 2012 description

Since late January to date, heavy rains, floods, overflowing rivers, mudslides, hailstorms and snowfalls are affecting several countries of South America, most affected being Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay and Brazil. The Pacific coast and the Andean highlands have suffered from exceptionally high levels of rain, while Amazonian plains are mainly flooded by water flowing from the Andes. To date, more than 1.2 million people are affected.

15 May 2012 description


 PERÚ: Autoridades prorrogan estado de emergencia por 60 días para los departamentos de Piura y La Libertad.

 BRASIL: Más de 70,000 familias afectadas en el estado de Amazonas por lluvias.

 BRASIL: Gobierno federal libera $1,4 millones para los afectados por la sequía.

15 May 2012 description


 PERU: Authorities extend the state of emergency for 60 days in the departments of Piura and La Libertad.

 BRAZIL: More than 70,000 families affected in the state of Amazon by heavy rains.

 BRAZIL: Government allocates US$1.4 million to aid people affected by drought.

10 May 2012 description

Brazil is deploying 500 troops, a field hospital and three Navy ships to help people hit by some of the worst flooding in decades in the Amazon.

Read the story on the BBC

08 May 2012 description
report ACT Alliance

Appeal Target: US$ 53,515

Balance Requested: US$ 53,515

Geneva, 07 May 2012

Dear Colleagues,

30 Apr 2012 description

Carolina Pimentel Reporter Agencia Brasil

Brasília – Manaus, the capital of the state of Amazonas, the largest city in the Amazon region (population 2.2 million) and the center of manufacturing, commerce and finances in the Northern region of Brazil, is presently faced with record-breaking water levels in local rivers. The city sits on the banks of the Rio Negro, close to its mouth where it flows into the Amazon River. At that point, the Rio Negro is around 14 kilometers wide!

13 Apr 2012 description
report ACT Alliance

Geneva, 13 April 2012

Brief description of the emergency and impact

20 Mar 2012 description
report Tearfund

Boats and planes are being used by a Tearfund partner in northern Brazil to reach people affected by some of the worst flooding seen in the region.

Torrential rain has caused rivers to burst their banks in Acre state, making 26,000 families homeless and forcing seven municipalities to declare states of emergency.

Nineteen indigenous communities have been inundated by the flood waters which have caused widespread damage to cash crops such as cassava.

02 Mar 2012 description
report CARE

More than 130,000 people have been affected by floods in 10 municipalities of Acre State, Brazil. In the next 24 hours, further heavy rain is forecast over much of the state. CARE Brazil is monitoring the situation and will work to provide:

  • access to safe drinking water
  • food
  • hygiene kits
  • shelter, mattresses and kitchen utensils.

CARE will also work with the local government to identify the need for other forms of support such as healthcare, particularly for pregnant women and children.

23 Feb 2012 description

by Priscilla Mazenotti, Roberta Lopes and Pedro Peduzzi

Brasília – The worst rains in over five years have caused the Acre River to rise to its second highest level in history resulting in severe damage in the state of Acre. The Acre River is at 17.41 meters, putting it over three meters above its flooding level (the highest level ever was in 1997 when it reached 17.66 meters). The flooding has now had a negative impact on over 60,000 people, leaving at least 7,000 homeless.

In the capital, Rio Branco, a large part of the city is now underwater.

20 Feb 2012 description
report Government of Cuba

BRASILIA. — A 30 mil ascienden este lunes los afectados por las intensas precipitaciones en el estado de Acre, que provocaron inundaciones en varios municipios de ese territorio, en la Región Norte de Brasil.

El más reciente reporte de la Defensa Civil estadual precisa que de los 30 mil damnificados, unos seis mil tuvieron que abandonar sus viviendas, debido a la inundación provocada por las fuertes lluvias de los últimos días que han elevado el nivel del Río Branco seis metros por encima de lo normal.

18 Jan 2012 description

Rio de Janeiro – The government of the state of Rio de Janeiro decreed a state of emergency in three more muncipalities in the North and Northwestern regions of the state yesterday. They are: São Fidélis, Campos dos Goytacazes and Bom Jesus do Itabapoana.

Seven municipalities were already in a state of emergency (“situação de emergência”) in the same part of the state: Cardoso Moreira, Laje do Muriaé, Santo Antônio de Pádua, Aperibé, Itaperuna, Italva e Miracema.

18 Jan 2012 description
report ShelterBox

A Response Team from Cornish disaster relief charity, ShelterBox, is delivering emergency shelter in Brazil, following flash floods and landslides that struck the eastern states of Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais.

17 Jan 2012 description


 BRASIL: El gobierno asignó US$40 millones en asistencia para los afectados por las inundaciones.

 COLOMBIA: Con más de 1.2 millones de afectados, tres departamentos del pacifico están en alerta por lluvias.

 HAITÍ: 520,000 personas aún viven en campamentos. Se requiere de US$232 para asistencia.

17 Jan 2012 description


 BRAZIL: The Government allocated US$40 million to assist people affected by the floods.

 COLOMBIA: Over 1.2 million people affected, three departments in the Pacific remain under alert for rains.

 HAITÍ: More than 520,000 still living in camps. $232 million is needed for humanitarian assistance.

12 Jan 2012 description

Isabela Vieira Reporter Agência Brasil

Sapucaia, RJ – The federal highway, BR-393, that has been closed after being partially destroyed by flooding runs through the municipality of Sapucaia. The situation in the region has become critical. Following three days of landslides the latest reports are that 19 people have lost their lives due to the rains, floods and mudslides. At least nine homes in the town of Sapucaia, population slightly over 17,000, have been destroyed and even more homes are in danger of collapsing.