Indonesia: Floods and Landslides - Nov 2011

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Four people were killed in West Sumatra and widespread flooding occurred in several other areas a the end of November 2011 (OCHA, 30 Nov 2011).

Flooding affected several parts of Indonesia during December: Southeast Sulawesi and Central Java on 3 Dec; East Nusa Tenggara on 17 Dec; Aceh on 19 Dec (OCHA, 31 Dec 2011).

Heavy or continuous rains triggered 19 flooding incidents across the country in February. Five fatalities were recorded due to flooding, and 558 people had to seek temporary shelter following submersion of their homes. Heavy rains also triggered landslides in some parts of the country, most notably in West Java. (OCHA, 29 Feb 2012)

Floods due to continuous rains and high tides continued in March. A total of eight people were either killed or went missing in the floods, while a further 29,951 people had their homes or paddy rice fields submerged. At least seven landslide incidents occurred in March, causing 12 fatalities and affecting 1,911 people. (OCHA, 31 Mar 2012)

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