Southern Africa: Floods - Jan 2011

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In Namibia, heavy rains which started in late 2010 and intensified in January and February 2011 led to flash floods which affected approximately 500,000 people in the southern, north and north eastern regions. Of these affected, up to 60,000 people were displaced, an estimated 111 deaths were reported and 243,474 people were at risk of food insecurity over the 2011/2012 agricultural season. (IFRC, 30 Apr 2012)

In Lesotho, infrastructure was destroyed as heavy rains fell between December 2010 and March 2011. In total, 672 houses in seven districts were destroyed, and the most impact was felt in the districts situated in the northern part of the country. Safety was threatened and households lost most of their belongings, including livestock. The sanitation situation was severely compromised, creating a health hazard. (IFRC, 22 Dec 2011)

South Africa received above normal rainfall and flooding in early 2011. The floods caused unprecedented destruction, resulting in disruption in service delivery, displacement of people and loss of lives and livelihoods. Over 200,000 people were reportedly affected by floods and 40 deaths were reported. A national state of disaster was declared in 28 district municipalities in eight provinces. (IFRC, 22 Dec 2011).

The southern and central provinces of Mozambique experienced heavy rainfall from December 2010 to March 2011. Floods resulted in the displacement of people and destruction of property. There was extensive damage of infrastructure, rendering roads inaccessible. 1 397 hectares of food crops were lost, and almost 23 000 families were affected by the floods. (IFRC, 29 Nov 2011)

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Namibia: Floods Operations Update No. 2 MDRNA006

The NRCS continues to assist people affected by the worst floods in decades in the northern Namibian regions of Oshana, Omusati, Ohangwena, Oshikoto, Kavango and Caprivi. The number of affected...

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