Gabon: Floods and Violent Winds - Dec 2010

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In early January 2011, the localities of Tchimbanga, Franceville, Mimongo and Dzenzele experienced serious torrential rains and violent winds, affecting 1,765 people and killing 1.Volunteers of the Gabonese Red Cross conducted an emergency assessment of the situation and identified 1,015 people, who had lost their homes and property and were living without shelter even as it continued to rain. Thanks to joint efforts supported by the IFRC, non-food items were distributed to the 203 families (80 families in Tchibanga, 22 in Franceville, 45 in Dzenzele and 56 in Mimongo) and they were also assisted in rebuilding or rehabilitating their houses. Red Cross volunteers also distributed insecticide-treated bed nets, carried out sanitation activities and raised awareness about hygiene promotion. The beneficiaries went back home and the operation was completed. (IFRC, 30 Nov 2011)

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