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19 May 2011 description

This report covers the period 1 January 2010 to 31 December 2010.

In brief

16 May 2011 description
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The pastoral and agro-pastoral community of Southern Ethiopia is affected by drought caused by La Nina.

According to an assessment report of the government run Borena taskforce poor performance of the short term rainy season from September to November 2010 in all 13 districts of the Borena Administrative Zone in Oromia Regional State is the main cause of the drought.

07 Feb 2011 description


The overall good performance of the 2010 belg and meher rains contributed to improving the food security situation in areas that benefit from the seasonal rains, apart for some pockets in the eastern lowlands areas.

13 Jan 2011 description

- Following the meher harvest, which began in October 2010, food security has generally improved in the meher producing parts of the country. However, due to crop damage caused by widespread floods and other weather related shocks the meher harvest is likely to be lower than initially anticipated. The Humanitarian Requirement Documents outlining assistance needs is expected to be released in February 2011.

31 Dec 2010 description

Key Messages

In recent months cereal prices have continued to follow a gradually decreasing trend and maize prices in the capital city were lower than prices on the international market.

Pockets of food insecurity exist due to different localized shocks such as poor rains in the southeast or floods in Amhara region, while tensions with rebel groups continue.

Food security is improving throughout the country, and the number of people in need of food assistance during the last months of the year decreased to 2.3 million.

The government with the help of international agencies is …

23 Nov 2010 description

Poor water availability in the southeast likely to follow below-average Oct-Dec rains

Key Messages

h To date, the performance of bega/hageya/deyr rains has been below average as predicted. This has resulted in shortages of pasture and water in the southeastern pastoral and agropastoral parts of the country.

h Land preparation and planting of transitional crops, mainly sweet potato has been carried out as usual in SNNPR.

12 Nov 2010 description

Call for Preemptive action to protect Livelihoods from confirmed La Niña event


  • Preemptive action is needed to protect livelihoods & avoid later costly lifesavings emergency interventions.
  • The FSNWG calls for The Humanitarian Community (donors, UN, NGOs) to be prepared NOW at regional & country levels.
  • Focus should be on contingency planning & fun mobilization.

08 Nov 2010 description

Nutrition Update

The government's Emergency Nutrition Coordination Unit (ENCU) reported a generally stable nutrition situation at the national level in September, although some areas in Amhara (Wogera woreda) and Benishangul Gumuz (Banbasi) require close monitoring. Assessments are planned for these woredas.

05 Nov 2010 description

International News

Convention on Cluster Munitions promoted at UN disarmament discussions

A special event on the Convention on Cluster Munitions took place on 19 October 2010 in New York during the UN First Committee on Disarmament and International Security. The event was co-hosted by Lao PDR and Japan and chaired by Mr Jarmo Sareva from UN ODA. A special opening message was given by Ms. Asha Rose Migiro, UN Deputy Secretary-General. Remarks were given by Mr. Akio Suda, Permanent Representative of Japan to CD; Ms.

02 Nov 2010 description

The recent IGAD Climate Prediction and Application Centre (ICPAC) forecast confirms that a La Niña event continues and will likely persist into 2011. As a result, rainfall during the October?December period is likely to be below?average in the eastern sector of East Africa (Figure 1). An analysis of rainfall during past La Niña years suggests that while early season rainfall may be favorable, precipitation later in the season is likely to be erratic and end early.

01 Nov 2010 description

Food Security Update

The latest FEWS-NET/WFP food security outlook indicates that food security has improved in meher (long cycle crops)- producing parts of the country with the start of the harvest in October and anticipates favorable conditions from October to March in most parts of the country. According to the report, prices of staple foods have reduced and household purchasing power has increased due to improvements in physical conditions of livestock.

26 Oct 2010 description

- Food security has improved in the meher crop producing parts of the country following the start of the meher harvest this month.

18 Oct 2010 description

Seasonal Outlook

The latest National Meteorology Agency (NMA) seasonal performance projection for the bega season (October to January) forecasts favourable conditions for meher harvest and post-harvest agricultural activities. The outlook for the bega season anticipates normal to above-normal rains across western, northwestern and southwestern parts of the country, including the western part of Tigray, western half of Amhara, some parts of SNNP, and Gambella, which should be conducive for perennial crops.

11 Oct 2010 description

Health Update

With the end of the kiremt (June to October) rains, the number of new cases of Acute Watery Diarrhoea (AWD) reported is decreasing. Over the past two weeks, 66 cases have been reported, according to the Ethiopian Health and Nutrition Research Institute (EHNRI), including 27 cases (none fatal) between 27 and 3 October in Amhara (Jiletumuga woreda, Oromia zone), Oromia (Gorodolla and Shakiso woredas, Guji zone) and SNNPR (Dilla Zuria and Yirgachefe woredas, Gedeo zone; Dera woreda, Sidama zone; and Dilla town).