Ethiopia: Floods - Jul 2010

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The ERCS branches located in North-East of the country reported over 4,000 families affected by floods, out of which 2,221 are displaced and temporarily sheltered at public school buildings. Over 3,206 families reported to be affected by floods and 1,565 displaced in Amhara region. Reports indicated over 800 families affected and displaced by floods in Afar region. The total number of affected families reported from the field is 9,000. However, the number of affected people is increasing due to continuous torrential rains in some parts of the country. Recently 5,000 families reported to be displaced in Amhara, Tigrey and Afar regions so far due to flooding that occurred between 22 and 24 August 2010. ERCS and ICRC joint assessment in Tigrey and Amhara reports that in Ambasel and Tewlerda woredas of South Wollo approx 1,368 hectares of land and crops were flooded or damaged by hail storm. Based on the assessment reports approximately 3,745 hectares of agricultural land was flooded during last few weeks.
Several landslides have been reported from the field including on 22 August 2010 in Mersa and Worgessa words of North Wollo causing injuries to 19 and death of 5 people. (IFRC, Sep 2010)

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